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The POWER PEOPLE of PLAYLISTS - Learn who's behind the music you love

Updated on December 14, 2008
Paperboy Jack on stage, 2006
Paperboy Jack on stage, 2006

Meeting the music makers

Most people LOVE music. Many speak passionately about it: "I love MY music", "MY playlists rock!", "On my iPod I've got all MY favorite songs", "I keep a box of CDs in my car with all MY music", "Playing MY music playlists while I work helps the day go faster".

Did you notice what they said? It's THEIR music. Apparently this music speaks so directly to them they take immediate possession of it...they OWN it.

But remember, that music didn't create itself. It was imagined and realized by (gasp) a person!  Imagine if those who love THEIR music learned about the people who MADE it?

For example, let's examine some music, and the people who make it:

Free your iPod from artist repetition.
Free your iPod from artist repetition.

Paramore rocks in red

In the pop/rock world there's a new act you've gotta hear and see right away. Paramore is headed (or should I say "red-headed") by singer Hailey Williams, her personality jumps off the stage and into your eyes and earbuds. The members of the band add to the energy pumping out during 100% of each song they've created.

More on Paramore:

1.  To watch Paramore's high energy video "Misery Business", click here.

2.  To see a cool intrview with Hailey and her band Paramore at the 2008 Grammy awards, click here.

Discover Gustavo...wild conductor, big hair

If you love classical music, you've gotta start learning about the latest excitement about a young guy (he's 26) named Gustavo Dudamel from Argentina. He was hired by the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra to be their conductor...and to add youth and vibrancy to classical music. Here are some links to learn more about young Gustavo, and to see the energy he puts into interpretation of the classics.

Gustavo in action on stage

He even interviews with energy

Unsigned bands sing to you

My son Jason Zarecki heads a band called Paperboy Jack. They are based in Phoenix, Arizona, and are proud of their own repertiore rather than well-known "cover" songs by famous artists.

Each member of Paperboy Jack has their own music swirling through their heads most of the time. In fact, that's what it's like when you're a musician. That's also what makes this band and every local band one-of-a-kind. Their music is a reflection of their own lives. They have lots to say.

In fact, just see how many unsigned bands in Phoenix there are!  That's just one American city. 


There's no question musicians everywhere are creating plenty of music. Just look around, I'm sure some of of the power people in the music world are speaking directly and specifically to you, today.

Musicians make your life cooler


There are literally millions of acts creating music for the masses every day, just so that you can love it and make it part of your own life. That's means if you love it, it will become your music. Interesting paradox in music: Even though it's THEIR music (they created it), it can be YOUR music (you relate to it), in a very powerful and possessive way.

Take some time to learn more about the power people behind YOUR music, and you'll love it even more...and probably find some new friends in the process.

Tom Z (Tom Zarecki)

More types of music

To start learning right now, try these musical HubPages articles: rock & alt rock (here), there's another fun article tracing disco & dance music (here), still another on country, jazz and hiphop all in one article (here), and a video-packed article on "How Harmony Helps Hits Happen" (here).

Interestingly, my most popular HubPage articles are my lists of the month's top podcasts, like I did throughout 2008 with interesting articles in May (here), June (here), July (here) October (here), and December (here).

PS: want to work at a place that specializes in music and playlists? There are thousands of those places all over the world. Those places are called radio stations, and this article provides step by step instructions for how to begin working at a radio station this week. Read that article here.


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    • profile image


      11 years ago

      nice hub! i love my music too. lol. ok. so it's actually i love my type of music (which includes pb, r&b, club, etc.).

      <a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" border="0" alt="mydeejayspacebanner2"></a>

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 

      11 years ago from Portugal

      I loved your hub! But I also love My music (mine because I bought it :D). You are right though, I love some music without knowing the people who made it and in same cases I would stop loving it after I meet them lol.


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