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Why Am I Buying Amazon's Kindle

Updated on August 13, 2014
Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 5th)
Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 5th)

Kindle with Special Offer, Built-in Wi-Fi and holds over 1,000 books


When we talk about devices like the Kindle, one standard argument that you would often get is , “A book has a nice feel to it.". This was one of my favorites as well, until my husband gifted me a Kindle on our anniversary.

Kindle screen is far easier on your eyes than a iPhone or any laptop screen. Being one of the most advanced tablets in the market, it sure has all the ingredients of becoming a rage this Christmas season.

Here are a few reasons, you should consider the Kindle over all the other alternatives:

  1. Portability: Imagine if you could carry your library in your purse. Don't be surprised, it is possible with the Kindle. Being a lightweight device, you can carry it wherever you go. It’s good to have books while travelling. No need to carry heavy books in your luggage.
  2. Wi-Fi: The Kindly comes with Wi Fi and gives keeps you connected to the internet on the go wherever a wi fi is available.It detects the presence of wi fi networks available in the area and connects to the one you select. You could download a book of your choice as and when you want.
  3. Variety: Kindle is not limited to books only, but can also display magazines, PDF articles, newspapers, e-mails and any DOC file. You can also listen to music, surf the web and play games.
  4. Dictionary: While reading a book, one might come across some unfamiliar words. For a situation like this, Kindle provides you a built-in dictionary. Simply touch it and Kindle will navigate to a dictionary for you. Great way to improve your vocabulary.
  5. Cheaper: You can get the latest books in Kindle format that are much cheaper than its paperback edition.
  6. Bookmarking and Highlighting: This system has improved a lot now. The new Kindle adds a visual feedback whenever you are taking a note. With such features, Kindle can easily replace hard-copy textbooks in the future.
  7. Audio: There is a speaker at the back of the actual Kindle, allowing you to upload and make audio books much better. It converts the text to speech and reads for you.It also features a 3.5 mm jack which allows you to connect your favorite set of headphones & listen to the book instead of reading it .
  8. Apps: Kindle means a new app store in the town. Amazon has curated a store of its own, with a number of apps, which are sure to grow in the days to come.
  9. Flash Support: Kindle comes with full support for flash. This could be one of primary reasons for some to consider buying a Kindle. Most of the tablets out there still do not offer this feature. Even today a lot of websites still use flash, and with this you can enjoy an uninterrupted surfing of these sites.
  10. File transfer: When it comes to file transfer most of the phones or tablets have their own software or apps for it.This slows down the whole process of file transfer and makes it cumbersome & at times frustrating. However, the Kindle doubles up as an USB drive and supports almost every type of document out there and saves you from all the agony that comes with it.


Kindle Downsides

Okay, enough about the pros. Let’s go through some cons as well.

  1. No Sharing: Sharing a hardcopy of book with friends is easy, but sharing a Kindle – not really easy.
  2. Don’t expect full web access:As mentioned in the pros, you can access web through your Kindle, but it still has some limitations. It may not display the websites that do not have a mobile/tablet version, properly.
  3. Flipping back and forth: It’s not easy to flip back and forth with Kindle as one could with paperback. You cannot jump from one chapter to another apart from going through table of contents.
  4. Durability: Books are not breakable but the Kindle is not. At most your books may get damaged by prolonged use, but you can always fix them without incurring much cost. However, that’s not the case with Kindle. It is a delicate item and you need to be very careful with it. If damaged you will have to visit a technician to get it fixed and that does not come cheap.



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