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Why Can’t I Use The Ctrl+F Search In Firefox?

Updated on August 27, 2013
Why Can’t I Use The Ctrl+F Search In Firefox?
Why Can’t I Use The Ctrl+F Search In Firefox?

Using The Ctrl+F Search In Firefox

Firefox is one of the better known web browsers and is popular among people who prefer something less buggy than Internet Explorer while still having more hands on options and privacy than Google Chrome.

One of the features that most users have come to expect from a browser is a search function that will easily find a word or a string of words on a page.

This function is common throughout most programs, whether for online or offline use.

To use this feature, the quickest way is to hold down the control button and then press the F letter key.

This will bring a box up, either at the top, bottom or middle of the page, depending on the program.

You can type a word or phrase into the box and have all instances of the word/s highlighted.

Reasons Your Firefox Ctrl + F Function May Not Work

There are two main reasons that people experience issues when doing a page word search in Firefox

  1. Plugins and Add-ons. Some people experience an issue with the mouse moving straight from the find box to the word on the page. You may have an addon that makes the search function work incorrectly. The best way to test this is to click on the Firefox menu button at the top left of your browser and click on “Add Ons” with a blue jigsaw piece next to it. In this area you can select “extensions” and see which ones you’ve already downloaded. Either turn off or uninstall these extensions and see if your find function now works correctly.
  2. The Match Case Button. Firefox has a button on the right hand side of the search bar which has a tick box and the word “Match Case”. This option will find words in the exact way you type them – it’s case sensitive. It means that if you type a word with a capital, it will not find the same word with a lowercase letter. Uncheck the box to allow the search to find all words on that page, no matter what case they use.

Quick Tip

Did you know that you can highlight all instances of the word on the page? This comes in useful if a page has dozens of repeats of the word you’re searching for and you want to quicky skim them. Simply press the button that says “Highlight All” to the right of the search box.


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