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Apple IOS 8 Is It That Great?

Updated on June 3, 2014

Isn't that the problem

IOS 8 it's IOS 7 but better
IOS 8 it's IOS 7 but better

Honestly how much better does it look.

So the new IOS platform of course looks beautiful but for the kind of money they are asking is that really what you want. I mean lets take this from a technical standpoint. The specs, though better aren't light years better then what companies like CellAllure and Google are offering with there older processors. Really, older Samsungs will still compete. As hard as it is to believe that the IOS 8 operating system isn't that much different, think about the differences between all the operating systems. Until a few generations go by, there really isn't that big of a difference at any one particular time. The only time you see huge jumps in the technology is if you've been waiting with your old I-phone 3 and get a IOS 8 platform based phone, well yeah, your in for a crazy jump in specs tech and whatever other beauties are in store for you. Apple being the reigning champ is nothing to mess with when it comes to other phone companies. At this point I won't say that other phones can compete with this operating system in a side by side comparison. However, if the competition isn't strictly on a few jumps here and there then other phone are far from obsolete. It's hard for some people to get exactly what I'm saying here I think. I'm going to try to reiterate it. Say we have something like the Vogue which comes off a powerful JellyBean 4.2.2 system, this is running on the system that the strongest phones like Galaxy S5 run on. Yes this system is powerful enough to do just about anything you want. The Vogue can basically do anything you want at this point and do it with grace and beauty. Yet, people are going to look at this small increase in IOS operating power that Apple is putting out and make that the new best buy.

Apple IOS 8 the best buy?

Unfortunately, people wont realize this is far from the best buy. Imagine buying a phone with this operating system when it's new. Imagine that these phone are Apple phones to begin with. I like Apple but we know that the prices here are already insane. You cant get a cheap phone that's got a two generation old operating system from Apple. They would still charge you an arm and leg, especially if your trying to get in unlocked, no contract, like most people are today. The new trend is to buy phones that don't have you forced in a contract with a provider you either a. don't want to be with or b. don't want to be stuck with. An unlocked phone is a huge buying point right now for many consumers. In not too long that is going to be a number one selling point but lets get back to Apple and the IOS 8 operating system. Look what kind of price do you think Apple is going to charge for their next phone running on a brand new operating system. Think about it, they are probably going to attach an I-phone 6 to this operating system. The 6 alone for what it is on the operating system they have now is probably going to be in the 800 to 900 dollar mark. If they put out a new phone with a new operating system I'm thinking $1000 easy. I enjoy Apple phones honestly they are the first. They have a lot of credibility, and have been the wave of the future. I mean they really started the whole smartphone thing. I have to say though, at a certain point that isn't enough to have me dish out for a phone what people put up front to lease a used car. Seriously, the amount of money a phone like this is going to cost you could probably buy your child a used beater car ( Still people that's a car, does a little more then even a smartphone). Necessity here should be key.

Money Money Money

Look I guess for me we are really talking about money here. A ridiculous amount of money that we aren't even discussing in a factual sense. I just have a very strong feeling that this isn't going to be the time when Apple goes, "hey you know what $250 out the door for our new phone with our new operating system for all our loyal follower who have shown support since the beginning. If you think this is going to happen you either have some inside information, have never heard of Apple, or you a are missing something behind the eyes. We all know the power that Apple offers. IOS 8 will probably be a slight jump in every angle of smartphone/pad development. It could even push graphics and other things to a whole new level. Still the issue remains. The price will be insane and the gains won't be anything out of this world. Lets be honest, how much could apple change from one operating system to the next. This isn't the jumps we remember like window 3.2 to windows 95, or windows 95 to windows XP. Those had many years in between and on top of that Microsoft was revolutionizing the entire computer world. Apple has already completed there huge transformative project. They've been on top with opening up the future. They have developed something that we use daily and most can not live without. Can anyone who has a smartphone imagine not having one now. How spoiled are we that we can retrieve our email from our phone and use our mini phone computer to look up whatever we want. The problem is this, CellAllure phones for example all run on the top Jellybean 4.2.2 system. They are able to do everything for the user that is desired. They can play movies browse the web etc. There is not too much that these phones can not do at this point. So why are we so quick to jump on the IOS 8 as if its going to be the big change that effects the future of phones. Personally I do not think we are at a point where we are going to see another huge change. I mean if that was the case they would have to be changing everything. They'd have to be able to switch everything around and flip it on its head. They'd have to do a repeat of the original I-Phone.

Cell Allure the Vogue Running on Jellybean 4.2.2

It's operating system is right there and it's a third the price
It's operating system is right there and it's a third the price

IOS 8 is it going to be great?

Look IOS 8 is going to be a step up from its predecessor. This is an obvious fact but for what the next piece of Apple processing is offering is it worth it. I am not an Apple hater just to let everyone reading know. I am just being real with myself. I'm being a realist here. How much technological advancement could they have made in a such a short period of time. What key design flaw are they overcoming that is about to change everything we thought we knew about smartphones. This is the million dollar question. Are a majority of people just going out to buy this because it's IOS 8. Are people just going to buy a new I-Phone or I-Pad just because the operating system is improving. Or does this actually have a more sinister look. Could it be that Apple knows that many people are not going to think before they act. Do they have a vision of consumers as sheep? That's the question, in my opinion that needs to be answered. Can Apple do nothing and will you still buy it. Companies like Google and CellAllure have phones so powerful that just a year and a half ago we wouldn't believe it. With CellAllure offering the prices for unlocked phones they are offering and at the prices they are offering should we choose them or another company. Just so we don't buy Apple phones for the price of a used car.

Why IOS 8 might not be so great

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    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      Thank you for reading and yes there is a lot of Info to consider.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 3 years ago from the short journey

      Sharing your perspective to use as food for thought could prompt some needed thinking. The fact that it will not matter how much we pay for a phone, how powerful the phone is, nor how many features it has if the service goes down is also something to think about…but that's for another hub. :)