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Why Google Adsense is The Best Advertising Network To Make Money

Updated on July 5, 2015

Earning Online

There are many ways you can earn online. You can do microworks, freelancing, join PTC sites and do many other easiest tasks to earn online. But displaying advertisements in your blogs or website is one of the easiest task to earn online. For earning with Advertising networks, you just have to sign up with the network, get approved(if required), put the ads on your website and see your site making money. You just have to increase your audience stats to increase your earning.

Adsense | Source

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an online contextual advertising network hosted by google. Google Adsense allows publishers to put the ads in their blogs and websites and make money for the clicks or impressions on the ads. The advertisements are controlled by Google and almost in all cases related to the blog or site content. It offers different programs for the publishers to earn online.

Benefits Of Using Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an online platform for the blog owners to make money with no or little investment. Adsense is a trustworthy and the most legitimate advertising network by Google.

Once you have implemented the Adsense ads on your blogs, whenever the visitors click on the ads you'll get paid. You'll never get out of this program unless you go against Adsense Program policies.

Adsense publish the advertisements related to your content and doesn't make your site look frustrating.


Google Adsense
Google Adsense

Google Adsense Over Other Networks

Easy Set Up And Customize

Google Adsense is easy to implement on your site once you are approved by the program. Copy the codes and paste it to your theme file or add an adsense widget to your blog and it will start showing advertisements.

You can even change the look and feel of your ads(however you can't change the ad codes) and specify where you want your ads to appear.You can choose from a variety of ad size and formats and can even block certain ads or even advertisers.

Reputed Network

Adsense is an established network in online advertising world. It is the most reputed and recognized network. Most the bloggers even define it as the King of advertising networks. Google Adsense doesn't approve all of the sites applied for the program and give the chance for bloggers to make improvements.

If you have adsense approved for your blog, believe me you have become a genuine blogger.

Access To Google Ads

You don't have to deal with the advertisers, bargain for the best price to put their advertisements on your blog. Adsense manages the best and automatic access to large number of advertisers and publish the content related ads on your blogs.

More advertisers, more competition for your ad space and more relevant ads.

One Account For All

What you need is just an approved Adsense account to make money. You don't have to get approved for individual sites to publish ads on it. Get an account and publish ads on all the sites you own.

Besides you can even use the single adsense account in different hosted programs other than websites or blogs. You can use your adsense account to make money with your YouTube videos, WebAnswers account or your hubs on HubPages.

Easily Accessible Support

Need help regarding your Adsense account. Then you can easily access the help from the experts. There are support blogs and Forums where you can put your queries and get the best help from the experts.

You will even get personalized help and recommendations as well by the Adsense. From making the account to getting a payment, you can get every help with this platform.


Payment is the outcome you get after your hard work. This is the major problems you'll face with the small networks. Not getting the payment or not getting on time, less payout options are some of the problems you face with payment option with other networks. Besides if you go on research with some networks, you'll realize that some of the sites are even fraudulent.

Adsense is transparent in its payment terms and you'll get the payment on the specified date (sometimes may be changed) with the worldwide available options.

Best Adsense Tips


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If you are not currently using Adsense, I suggest you to move to Adsense to make money online. With the above mentioned and other features it is the best network to make money with your blogs, YouTube videos or even other options.


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