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Why I Prefer Twitter

Updated on June 19, 2009

Out Of FaceBook Myspace & Twitter... Twitter Is Top!

I like to use Twitter because I find it to be the best social networking website for my lifestyle, I haven't even been using Twitter for a year yet and I find that it's one of the first things I do on the Internet. I've been to other social networking sites like, FaceBook, and Myspace, but out of the three of them I think Twitter will always be on top.

One of the Reasons I like Twitter:

I like Twitter for a few different reasons, one of the reasons I like Twitter is I can expand my friends there, find like-minded people, without the whole awkward process of "friending" someone and having them answer your request.

One thing I disliked about Myspace is the fact I only knew two people on there... and while you can "friend" other people I felt very awkward doing so. Now I have a few more friends that signed up, 46 to be exact.. but I still feel (and a lot of them do too) awkward when friending people, it's hard to find new friends on there... even if it is more of an open system then FaceBook. On Twitter you can "follow" people and see what they are doing without friending them, also you can reply to them if you find something relevant and often start great conversations, however there are people with closed Twitter accounts which is still an option.

Another Reason Twitter is Right for Me!

I have fun with some of the Applications of FaceBook but do you know how annoying they can get? You can block invites but then everyone pushes pushes pushes! When I'm looking or a social networking website it's for: 

  1. Talking To People
  2. Keeping In Touch
  3. Mingling With New People
  4. The Ability To Notify My "readers" When I've Updated Something They Are Interested In 
  5. And Last, To Rant When I'm busy.. lol!

However, Applications are sooo.. ehh annoying to me, I didn't sign up to play games, nor do I have time and a lot of people just don't understand that, while it's not a big issue for most it is one of the reason I prefer Twitter to FaceBook and even Myspace.

Closed Styems:

Another reason I prefer Twitter is that unless otherwise stated it's an "open system" I can meet new people they can meet me and it works SO much better when notifying my readers of updates, Yeah at one point I had so many readers mom and I started to try to do the "newsletter" thing for updates, one abbreviation says it all, : "OMG." Newsletters are so hard, and time consuming, on Twitter I can post up a quick sentence and tell everyone.. easier right? Also there's no "email addresses" to worry about or telling the wrong person the wrong thing, readers take what they want and skip what they don't.  And they don't even have to keep in touch with me. ;) 

Myspace is a semi open system, but doesn't have the clever Status messages that are "sticky," once you change it, your old one is gone. They do have a "blog" feature, but for my blogging I use WordPress and Blogger, so I miss the point of it. FaceBook, feels like a VERY closed system to me, if you don't know them, DO NOT friend them. You can get your account suspended for a LOT of silly things too, such as:

  • Over posting
  • Over friending 
  • Over messaging with friends 
  • Over linking 
  • Sending too many requests using certain applications

So no, there isn't a lot you can do there, however FaceBook has "groups" which anyone can create, I know several people on FaceBook who use these as their updating service. If a FaceBook member becomes a "fan" of the group anytime the group owner updates the group the FaceBook user will get notified, however... I don't like to join FaceBook groups... I find them hard to use and not very practical. Which leads me back to Twitter.

Twitter, My Time Saver!!

Twitter is my favorite social networking website when it comes down to it all, sometimes I get annoyed because there's only 140 character you can use but hey it brings me a challenge sometimes lol! People can "Follow" me and receive my updates and I can follow then and see theirs. It's for friends, website net-workers, updating followers and ranting... all in one little package! ^^

However, Twitter would just not be the same for me without TweetDeck, my Twitter "program" that brings even more ease to my Tweeting. On TweetDeck I can sort out the people I follow into "Groups" in like 1 minutes and a half... My Hubbers Group, My Best Friends group, My Artist resource group, My Favorites group... see my point? I can also have TweetDeck tell me when someone in one of my groups has tweeted, set it to notify me of FaceBook updates. Although I REALLY love the fact I can post to FaceBook AND TweetDeck at the same time, I could go on forever.

These are just a few of the reasons I prefer Twitter, and yes, I still have a FaceBook and a Myspace, and I would never say that these other websites are bad... I'm simply listing my opion. ^_^

HubChallenge... Last Hub:

HubChallenge, Hub 30!! I'm so sorry I guess I didn't complete my goal, I only got to 29 hubs in 30 days but... I did my best, I had things going on at home at too much to explain... oh boy, I'm making excuses lol! I have now, and even if it took me 40 days, (or whatever it's been!) I am happy with what I accomplished... in this I have found I love HubPages, and definitely will continue to write here!

Thanks Ya'll for your wonderful comments and taking the time to read through my hubs! ^_^


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    • Cam Anju profile image

      Cam Anju 8 years ago from Stoughton, Wisconsin

      Thanks for the coments.. :)

    • Tanya Chyzhyk profile image

      Tanya Chyzhyk 8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Twitter is my favourite socialmedia site too. It fits our crazy lifestyle the most.

    • Kmadhav profile image

      Kmadhav 8 years ago from New delhi

      twitter is one of the non google ways to attract traffic...a big social netorking site with jus 140 characters to send your message to others.....great thing but sometimes frustrating.........


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