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Why I Want an Evo

Updated on February 9, 2011

My contract with my cell phone provider is up in March, and though I cannot complain about the service or products I have had with them, I have friends who have good service with other providers and pay a lot less each month. So, I have done some research and come to the conclusion that I will be moving to Sprint, specifically because of the Evo. I can’t really call this a product review, since I don’t have an Evo, but I do have is a bad case of the “Iwants”. Here is why.

Here's Why:

1. The Evo is a top-ranked, cell phone mobile hotspot. Currently, I do not have a designated Internet provider. I am fortunate to live where there is free wi-fi, but it is horribly slow and unreliable. Any task that would take me 20 minutes in a hotspot takes me at least double that at home, and if I have anything to download or upload, I could be working on it for hours. Since I am working to expand my number of on-line projects, higher speed internet is a necessity. The cost of using the Evo as a hotspot is $30 higher than using it simply as a phone, but a lot less than paying an internet service provider. I can run my phone, net book, laptop, wii—up to 8 devices. Since 4G is readily available in my area, it seems like it will be a cost-effective alternative.

2. The Evo is a Smartphone powerhouse. With ample storage, ability to access documents, and a zillion aps that let you do almost anything under the sun, the Evo basically functions as a small computer. I will be able to access my bank, update my blog, and even watch Sprint TV. Other options for television and video viewing are available, as well, which is especially valuable since the processor speed is outstanding, keeping the phone from bogging down with usage that would make others stall.

3. Speaking of TV, the Evo’s has a 4.3 inch screen, which makes activities that are eye straining on other phones more pleasant. Trying to read an e-book on my current smartphone without squinting is impossible, and actually watching video on it is impractical. The Evo, however, is designed for video, and even comes with a kickstand to prop it up for viewing!

4. Sprint’s unlimited data package is actually unlimited. Several service providers have “unlimited” data plans that in reality have caps. 1G may be a lot of data, but it isn’t unlimited by any means. Since I am planning on using the hotspot function extensively, I need an unlimited data plan that is true to its name!

5. Sprint’s plan is the lowest cost with real unlimited data, even with the extra $10 they charge for the 4G. I have seen a number of reviews where Sprint got slammed for charging the mandatory $10 each month for the Evo, even in areas where 4 G is not yet available. Given that it is still lower than any other provider, I don’t feel this is a problem for me. And since 4 G is available in my area, I will be happy to pay the extra charge for the service.


There are a few issues with the Evo that I have seen others point out. Apparently, the phone is preset to the most energy draining settings, but I don’t mind doing a bit of research on how to conserve power. My current phone has pretty atrocious battery life as it is, so I am used to just popping it on the charger when I am in my car or at my desk. And unlike my current phone, I can remove the Evo’s battery and replace it with a higher capacity one. Given the high usage I intend for it, I expect this to be a valuable accessory. In addition, I hear the camera doesn’t hold a light to my Canon Rebel, but then again it is a phone, not a professional camera. I am not buying it for the camera’s capacity.


I am sure there will come a day when a phone works as a professional camera, home computer, high definition video recorder, mobile hot spot, voice and video communicator, television receptor, satellite radio, and battery charger all in one. Until then, the Evo will have to do for me.


Sprint HTC EVO 4G Video Review


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