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Why I think the BlackBerry Playbook could reach 1# on Tablet market! Better than the IPad!

Updated on May 12, 2015

Why I think the BlackBerry Playbook could reach 1# on Tablet market! Better than the IPad!

Blackberry Playbook is £350 in the UK and $500 in USA (cheap compared to other tablets) and the specifications are very impressive, weighing less than a pound 0.9lb and the depth being less than half an inch 0.4”. The screen is a 7” LCD display with a 1024 x 600 screen resolution producing high quality images and video. At this level of resolution the small 7” display is absolutely stunning. The 7” LCD is smaller than most tablets (compared to the 9” IPad) but those couple of inches make the Playbook much more portable.

A feature that many people talk about it how slick and fast the Playbook is. This high performing tablet has 1GHZ dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM making it incredibly smooth running processes and the 4 finger multi touch screen with ease. Playbook can handle multi-tasking easily; you can swap through apps without closing them and come back to the apps as you previously had them with no problem at all.

One aspect of the Blackberry Playbook that many people mark down is the fact that the Playbook doesn’t come with 3G like many of the other tablets. I think that Blackberry have been very smart in not doing this as you will actually save money but must have a blackberry phone. An example, if you wanted to buy the Motorola Xoom with 3G you would have to pay another £100 or $150-$200 and on top of that a monthly bill for the 3G. With the Blackberry playbook you save that £100 or $150-$200 and still get internet where ever you go through BlackBerry Bridge! (This feature will only work if you have a Blackberry phone though!!) This means that you will connect to your phones internet through ‘Blackberry Bridge’ and do as much surfing as you like and you have no monthly bills! Putting that all together you’ll save yourself £100 or $150-$200 and no monthly bills like the other 3G tablets out there which over a year or two could save you a good amount of money.

The second thing that people say about the Blackberry Playbook is that there aren’t many apps like rival Apple products although many people forget that Android apps will be making an appearance on the Blackberry products! The android market has many good apps out at the moment but they are still trailing behind apple. Android are working hard to increase the number of apps and quality of apps, it’s only a matter of time before they are at the same level as apple.

The browser on this tablet is amazing, you get access to the full web like you are now, nothing is scaled down at all and everything is touch screen. There is no need to download special apps to show the whole content of websites; you have got to see it for yourself but trust me the browser is incredibly nice. The browser can also deal with flash on websites without a problem where the IPad 1 or 2 fails on this.

The video chat on the Playbook is impressive with high detail and streams very fast however you can only Video chat with other Blackberry Playbook tablets. This is a nice feature to have on a tablet but I’m not sure how often you would use it. I would have thought they added this feature as the phone is made around businesses, maybe a video conference type of thing.

Blackberry has put in two cameras into this tablet. A 3 megapixel front camera and a 5 megapixel rear camera both at 1080p HD (higher than most tablets). For a tablet I don’t know how often the camera would be used but at least the quality in the camera is there for whenever you decide to take a picture or video.

The operated System of the BlackBerry Playbook I think is very sleek and nice to use. The fluidity of the OS is what makes it work for me, it feels very new. I love how you can move screen around and swap between apps with no problem at all. You have got to remember that many people buy Blackberry for office use and as expected it is create for the office, allowing you to open up excel, Word and PDF files for example. This could be very useful for any type of job or even if you’re a student!

If you have a Blackberry and wanted to get an IPad or some kind of tablet then forget about any other tablet and get the Blackberry Playbook. You’ll save yourself money and get a much better product for your money. I’d like to hear other comments on the Blackberry Playbook and see what everything thinks. I have spoke to a few people who have the Blackberry Playbook and love it! The cheapest I have seen the device is on Amazon for £350 in Uk and $500 in USA. I have added the links on the side if you wish to check it out and some comments below, FROM REAL PEOPLE!

Check out comments below!


“Having owned an iPad 2 and the Playbook for a few weeks now, i have to say i am happy i returned the iPad and kept this.

Granted, the iPad has waaay more apps etc but to me that's not too important.

I need a tablet with a capable web browser and nice UI and the playbook beats the iPad hands down. “


“It's a great tablet..I also have a blackberry phone so I've been able to unlock the BlackBerry Bridge features. It is honestly great, very quick, certainly recommended over the iPad. “

This is a Blackberry Playbook review. The BlackBerry Playbook price Uk is £350 and Blackberry Playbook Price USA is $500. Blackberry has promised a Blackberry tablet or Blackberry pad to be released and here it is with style and impressive specification and features.

The Price for USA is current “listing” price, I think this figure will drop. All figures are based on the 16GB model!

If you find my Hub interesting don't hesitate in leaving a comment, I would really appreciate it.

Thank You



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    • Michael Domingos profile image

      Michael Domingos 6 years ago

      I think it might take over once people see how good it is. Blackberry products are getting very big here in the Uk, just want to see what is going to happen in the next year or two.

      Thanks man appreciate it!

    • Stigma31 profile image

      Stigma31 6 years ago from Kingston, ON

      It certainly is the tablet of choice today. It will be much better once all the androids apps will also work on it. Good hub, vote up!