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Why QuizUp App is better than Trivia Crack

Updated on April 26, 2015

“I learn more from Trivia Crack than I ever did in High School” my friend once posted as a status. Everywhere I go I hear about the infamous app, with which friends can challenge each other’s knowledge. After a coworker demonstrated the game, I was saddened to realize it was more popular than the better QuizUp. So in this article I’m promoting my trivia game of preference!

When I first got an IPad mini, QuizUp was the third app I downloaded. Unlike Trivia Crack’s wheel which spins any category (similar to Trivia Pursuit), QuizUp has hundreds of divided categories. You don’t have to panic as much about failing a subject you’re not so good at, because you can avoid it. Are you not a science whiz but know way too much about Harry Potter? You could dominate at the Harry Potter quiz!

QuizUp isn’t just for Artsy types though. It includes many educational quizzes on everything from Australian history to spelling. There’s even a category for the US Driver’s Test! The app gives you expert titles if you start winning at a certain group, which is why my level 17 mastery of Comedy movies gave me the prestigious name “Dirty Rotten Scoundrel”. My favorite title I have seen yet is “The heart that went on” (probably a Titanic quiz junkie).

Just like apples and oranges, these two apps are about personal preferences. If you prefer to think thoroughly before answering, Trivia Crack gives you thirty seconds to answer a question—this compares to QuizUp’s ten seconds. If you don’t have unlimited internet data, QuizUp takes less of your data to download. Trivia Crack takes 65.6 MB compared to QuizUp’s 40 MB.

Still aren’t convinced that Trivia Crack is dumb? Check this YouTube video out:

Unlike Crack where you have to wait on another person’s results, your answers are shown on a bar level simultaneously with your opponent. You get to laugh and watch the other person catch up while you do a victory dance. The aim of the game is to think fast and answer fast so you can gain more points and up your level. To me, it’s so much more fun than waiting to get a creepy popcorn icon.


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    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 2 years ago from Planet Earth

      I'm so glad to be in this community of people who know far more than I do about apps what's new on the market, what's better, and what is not as good!

      I've heard of Trivia Crack (and heard good things about it, actually) so I need to check out the QuizUp app and compare. Thanks for the review, Sara!