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"Why Your Business Needs an Internet Advertising Professional"

Updated on July 12, 2013

Internet Advertising Professionals are Worth Their Proverbial Weight in Gold!

An Internet advertising professional is comparable to the living intelligence contained in our mysterious oceans. They both hold secrets that only a select few know and they both contain treasure chests filled with wealth. Very few people hold keys that open these treasure chests and even fewer know where to look for their revealing, money-making, Internet advertising information. I found several of these salt-coated and wave-worn keys through 20+ years of research, experimentation and hard work.

If you manage or own a small business, following are 5 good reasons for putting an Internet advertising professional on your team.

1. Trust your website to a professional, reputable Internet advertising professional

Recently, I worked as "Corporate Media Director - Video Production" for an advertising agency that dabbled in website design. I felt sorry for our Internet advertising clients. These innocent believers were being charged $1,000s for mostly very well-designed and simple websites, but these loyal clients were being sold down the river because NONE of these new websites contained SEO copy, social networking graphics/links, no properly-conceived Home Page... the list is endless.

Simply designing a website that contains flash animation, a lot of multimedia, glitz and glamour will NEVER get a site ranked on page 1 in Google. In fact, without the required Internet advertising professionalism and applications that void-filled website will be lost on page 528 (if luck prevails)... in other words, the site will never be found.

2. Admit your weaknesses

I'm the worst car mechanic in the universe. If the truth were known, I would be in a bind if I were confronted with a flat tire on a lonely, long stretch of highway 73 at 3 AM. On the other hand:

  • I compose SEO copy very skillfully.
  • I build a great website.
  • I fill the bill as an Internet advertising professional.

You are no different.

  • If you write well, but don't or can't grasp the tenants of SEO copywriting, hire a professional.
  • If your design skills are lacking, don't design your company's website... hire an Internet advertising professional who is up-to-date with 2012 trends.

Hiring experts to professionally handle jobs requiring skills you lack may be costly at first. In the long run, your ROI will triple.

3. Perception is the key

You and I meet for the first time. I am going to check you from your hair (or lack thereof) to your shoes and everyplace in between. I'm going to judge your speech, I will mentally ask questions like: Accent? Intelligence? Sense of humor?. And in that split second while I execute the observation process, I am subconsciously forming perceptions concerning your abilities and overall knowledge.

This sort of interaction takes place all the time. Right or wrong, you are personally judged and instantly rated by people you interact with on a daily basis.

Professional Internet advertising campaigns are similar, yet very dissimilar. The difference lies in the fact that your website is the first step in the ladder of Internet advertising AND IT'S THE FIRST ITEM THAT POTENTIAL CLIENTS WILL SEE!

My description of meeting you for the first time is typically a non-threatening event; but the Internet is brutal with its power to say goodbye in 1 second with 1 mouse click. Your potential client will form his/her perception within 5 seconds, or less, so work with a professional Internet advertising professional who can expertly handle this often-overlooked detail.

4. 5-15 words that determine 'stay or leave'

Headlines are so crucial to SEO copy that many top-gun, Internet advertising professionals hire professional headline writers to compose every headline in the website they are penning.

Dull, boring headlines will immediately kill desire to read any further. Internet advertising professionals know that. Their minimal (a relative term) investment pays for itself 10 times over because the top copywriters can now concentrate on writing convincing copy that creates conversions.

5. The power of video

A well-produced marketing or sales video is my primary weapon, and is being used much more frequently in 2012. Video is scattered all over the Internet. From news stories to actually watching your favorite show via streaming video is now common, and is a big factor in the Internet advertising professionals' formula.

Don't think for a moment you can't afford a video for your website.

$500-$900 buys a great-looking video and the perception factor favors the positive side exponentially. Think of producing a new video every 6 months and upload them to YouTube or Camtasia's video site... many others are available on the Internet.

When all is said and done

Success in business is predicated on your ability to portray your company in a light that shows every positive role you play and every benefit offered . . . but that's not enough. You must make clients believe they are dealing with a winner, otherwise known as perception. An Internet advertising professional ensures that perception is positive. Hire this specialist, and the treasure chests of business are yours for the taking.



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    • copywriter31 profile imageAUTHOR

      James Ranka 

      6 years ago from Port Neches

      Thanks, rebakhELLE - Thanks for the educated comment. No doubt, amateur appearance, copy and the lack of SEO makes a business reflect these same 'values'. Then. online businesses wonder why they are getting light - no traffic to their websites!

    • rebekahELLE profile image


      6 years ago from Tampa Bay

      Great advice. A professionally designed website is so much more attractive and searchable than one done to save money. Some business websites scream amateur and it does affect how we perceive the company or product. Nicely done, and informative.


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