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Why You Should Feature People on Your Blog

Updated on July 11, 2017

Regardless if you have ten visitors or ten thousand to your blog, you should be featuring other people. There are numerous advantages to finding quality artists or writers like yourself to share.


Featuring other people on your blog is a great way to build your network. It really gets people’s attention. Imagine getting an email or notification that you were featured by someone without you having to reach out or pay for it? You would be pretty excited and you would more than likely at least see what they were all about and you might even follow them!

Free Advertising

While not everyone may engage with you after you have featured them, it's a great way to try and get free advertising for both of you. Even if they only share on one site that’s advertising you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. And if they share on a site like Instagram, that post will be on their feed forever (or as long as they have it active.)

New Market Introduction

If they do share your blog, your business will be shown to a bunch of new people. They will be introduced to a new market with your followers and you will be introduced to their audience. Influencers are great sources to target since many people already trust their opinions, but people with any size following are good to connect with. This is why it’s important to choose people who fit into your industry and that your followers would like to get to know.

Keeps Content Fresh

Features help break up your content and adds a new flavor for your readers. While they might enjoy reading your articles, after a while any blogger is going to need something new to keep people’s interest. Features are a great way to do this and your reader will never know who you will be featuring next which keeps things interesting.

Shows Its Not All About You

By featuring other people, it shows that it's not all about you. While both you and your visitors know it really is all about you, sharing the love with others increases your reputation among your peers and customers. It also shows good faith toward your industry community and you might eventually find that people start reaching out to you for features instead of the other way around!


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