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Why You Should Use A Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Updated on November 11, 2011


The Kindle wireless reading device is a device designed and distributed by the Amazon Company. The product is joining many others that are fast driving hard copy books into extinction. This days it is rare to find hard copies of books, they are fast being replaced by the new technologies be they CD ROMs or the growth of software internet copies. The kindle Wireless device allows people to read books wherever they are without actually carrying the hard copy of the book. Unlike popular belief the device is not a computer, it operates very much like a cell phone. It is wireless in nature and operates by itself. It has all the features necessary for reading books while on the move.


The main advantage of the device is of course the ability to access books from wherever you are. The device contains software that gives you access to over 90,000 books all over the world including the New York best sellers list. Now people do not need to go stores and surf through several hard copies to find what they are looking for. If you need a book, all you need is to download the first chapters of the book before deciding whether you would like to purchase the book. There are times you may purchase a book from the store only to find that it is not as helpful as you imagined or that it even lacks the information you require. At this time you probably realize that you have wasted money on a book that is not helpful and you now need to purchase a new book. However, with the Kindle Wireless device you can easily download the information of the books you are interested in, and therefore make a wiser decision on the books you decide. This way you save much more and even access more books than you would have thought possible.


The Kindle wireless reading device is an easy to use device with prominently placed features that make it quite convenient. The device is quite small than what could be expected, you can carry it in your bag, car or on your person. The screen is six inches wide and actually has no glare. As has been advertised severally, staring at the screen is like staring at a piece of typed paper. You can stare at the screen as long as you like and you will definitely suffer no side effects whatsoever. If you find that the font size is not exactly to your liking, you can easily change the fonts to those suitable for you. All you need to do to access books, is type the first words of the subject, author or title of the book that you are interested in. once you access the books, click on the download button to access the first chapters and others relevant information of the book. The instructions on how to use the Kindle Wireless device are included with the purchase. They are easy to follow successfully ensuring that you get access to the books of your choice.


The Kindle Wireless device allows you to subscribe to magazines and newspapers. You can access your favorite magazines wherever you are without the hassle of carrying heavy magazines and dealing with papers. As the news streams in, you have instant access to it without much of a struggle. If you find that you travel a lot, this feature will be the most interesting in the Kindle Wireless device. You can receive new publications of your favorite magazines from wherever you are. You need not be at home to receive your subscriptions. The subscriptions are actually sent to you in a timely manner despite the distance from home. The subscription to newspapers allows you to access news from your area or across the globe at no problem and extra cost at all. People who need constant information from home or global and international quotas such as businessmen, stock brokers and even citizens in Diaspora, such subscriptions are proving to be cheap and convenient. You can read the latest features of your favorite magazines be it time magazine, Forbes or even the latest cosmopolitan magazine without waiting for your hard copy.


Unlike common belief, the wireless connection does not require monthly subscriptions. The wireless connection is paid for by the Amazon Company, therefore you only require one single payment for the wireless device. Once you have paid the initial purchasing cost, you are free to use your wireless device for s long as you wish. There have been skeptics who have indicated that the required purchasing price of $379 from the Amazon Company is quite steep. However, it should be noted that the price not only covers the device itself but also the wireless connection and two day shipping costs. Once you consider this you will find that the Kindle Wireless device is quite affordable.


The prices of the books are quite affordable and in some cases lower than the store prices. This means that you save quite some amount of money by purchasing books with your Kindle wireless device. The Amazon Company has reached an agreement with many publishers and companies to offer books at a deal, lowering the prices considerably. For books to be featured in the Wireless device, they have to be at a lower price than that of the store. Therefore, you will find that even New York best seller listed books are quite affordable and in some cases cheap in the Kindle wireless device.

The search feature makes it easy to track and access several books that you may be interested in. if you are an avid reader or just a student who requires access to books for research, the Kindle Wireless device is sure to make your life easier. You can build your own Kindle Library, remembering that the device has quite a large storage space that makes it easy to save several books at the same time.


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  • viking305 profile image

    L M Reid 

    7 years ago from Ireland

    Yes the Kindle Wireless Reading Device is a great thing to have and use. I love it and would recommend it to anyone

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I got a Kindle for Christmas and I love it. I can't stop reading and playing word games!


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