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Why YouTube Sucks Right Now

Updated on August 31, 2017

YouTube is probably the most popular video-sharing network in the entire world of the internet. YouTube was founded in February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. It allows its users to upload, edit their own videos and to view and share videos created by other YouTube users. The network features gaming videos, music videos, vlogs, reality shows, tv shows and many more types of videos. Some popular Youtube Channels include: PewDiePie with over fifty-six million subscribers, HolaSoyGerman with over thirty-one million subscribers, Smosh with over twenty-two million subscribers, VannossGaming with over twenty million subscribers and NigaHiga with over nineteen million subscribers. However, recently many people have started to dislike YouTube due to many issues which have made many users turn away from the site.


1. Copyright Issues

One of the most annoying issues with YouTube for many users has to be the issues related to Copyright. YouTube is very strict on copyright and has bots to automatically detect videos that have issues with Copyright even when they have not been fully published to the website. Also, another big issue is that there are many instances where the copyright claimer falsely copyrights content causing the content to be removed from the site and any earnings they made from the video are also halted. Many users believe that the YouTube team does not understand the meaning of "fair use" and still allow legit videos that completely follow the rules of fair use to be taken down by copyright claimers.


2. Lack of Entertainment

Another big issue with YouTube seems to be the problem with the lack of good entertainment on the website. There are many channels on YouTube which have made users fascinated with the site. Channels which are full of entertainment and actually make the people watching their videos laugh. Some of these YouTubers which make users laugh genuinely is none other than the biggest YouTuber of them all, PewDiePie and NigaHiga. However, recently there are many Youtube Channels that are not even entertaining and gain lots of subscribers and views on a daily basis. Some of these YouTubers just seem so uninterested in making their content and just wing it to get views and revenue for themselves.


3. Unoriginal Content

Once upon a time, YouTube was full of content makers that were all different and special in their own right. However, recently YouTube has been in a flood of the same YouTubers doing the same type of content as each other. Basically many YouTubers seem to just follow the trends with their content lately, as all of them seem to jump on every new trend that is hip in the community in order to get big views for their channel. For instance, recently there is a trend of diss tracks on YouTube due to KSI, Ricegum and The Sidemen having a feud with each other sending disses to each other with diss tracks. Also, taking a look at the gaming side of YouTube many YouTubers just follow the trend with their video games. For example, GTA V is a popular game so many YouTubers tend to play it even though they may not actually like the game. Another trendy game is Roblox which is very popular among the young viewers so many YouTubers are now creating Roblox channels or changing their content to Roblox because it is a popular game among kids and it would equal more views for their channels. The Roblox content is pretty much the same among all of the YouTubers and lack originality.


4. Money Hungry YouTubers

One of the biggest things that can turn off any viewer on YouTube is a YouTuber who clearly produces content for the money. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a person who likes to make money but sometimes there are the persons who just try to make money by any means necessary. Some of the traits of these videos are people who ask their viewers to subscribe and donate every chance they can get, make videos showing off their houses and cars that they bought with their Youtube money and rarely upload content to their channels after having a chain of popular highly viewed videos. There also the content makers that do anything for views such as exposing their bodies to attract more viewers, break laws by trespassing in places to show in videos and make fake drama to draw attention their channels.


5. Clickbait

As a daily YouTube viewer myself, one thing that makes me triggered each day is seeing the insane click bait featured on the YouTube site. If you have no idea what click bait is it is basically what entices someone to click on a video. Listening to that definition that would describe every Youtube video on the website. However, there is the good click bait and then there is the bad click bait. The bad click bait is the type which the title and the thumbnail for the video have absolutely nothing to do with the video. Some examples are YouTubers putting "GONE WRONG" in their titles when nothing actually significant went wrong in the video.

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    • Mamerto profile image

      JR Mamerto 6 months ago from Cabuyao

      Well the comment section is also a virtual landfill. YouTube never solved the troll problems.