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Android vs windows.

Updated on June 4, 2013

Google's android is a major operating system for smartphones. Microsoft's windows is another solid competitors for android.Undoubtedly Windows phone is attracting users with different features but it still lags some of the important features. This might be the main reason why Windows is not able to win the battle. If we are spending our money in buying smartphones then first we must find the best one for us. This post helps you to find the some of the missing important features of Windows phone. I don't mean to show only the flaws of Windows phone, I am just concern about making you guys aware about the shortcomings of windows phone. I will be also discussing about the important features of windows phone in next post.

1. Apps market.

If you choose to use smartphone then you obviously mean that you want a lots of applications for your smartphone. Windows Apps market have hardly 80,000 of apps and most of them are paid apps. But if we view on android's play store there are more then 400,000 of applications and games and most of them are free. Window's market claims to have covered most of the important and popular applications and games but some great applications like Temple Run, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Opera, Subway Surfers, Instagram, Google Chrome, Firefox, Yahoo Mail, Nimbuzz and a lot of awesome games are not included on window's apps store.

2. Price.

Not all of us can afford to buy High-end smartphones. Android devices on market are available from low price range to high so that all user can be easily included. Most of the phone manufacturing companies(Samsung, htc, lg, karbon,micromax, colors ...) are using android operating system and providing users the smartphones as per their levels. Very few companies like nokia and htc are using windows operating system and they are not yet able to provide good smartphones with high features in low price. The budget you use to buy a low specification windows phone will be fair enough for you to get a high features android smartphone.

3.No File explorer

Alright you are using a smartphone but you don't have any file explorer, so you ask to yourself how smart is your smartphone?? It obviously effects the way you use your smartphone. It becomes difficult for you to manage your phone's memory without file explorer, Especially it is difficult when you try to save those file which are not supported by windows phone.

4.No task manager

We are using smartphone that means we should not worry about how many applications we are using, there should be a smart way to end all the on going process and unwanted but active applications in a easier way. While in android we could simply open the task manager and we could view all the list of tasks going on with the details of memory uses and we could terminate all processes in just one click. But if you expect the same features in window smartphone(well not so smart in this case :D) then you will be sorry for yourself because there is no such features on windows (most commonly 7.5 and 8). For you to close the running application , first you have to open it and terminate it manually, don't it seems so hetic? come on we are using smartphone so we want everything in smart way. so Window should think about this issue too.

5.No Google apps

Whether it is the consequence of cold war between Google and windows or the negligence of windows , there is no Google apps in windows phones. There are many important Google apps that we use in our day to day life but windows doesn't seem to understand its importance.If you are a user of Google's apps like Gmail, Gtalk, Google Plus, Google Maps, Chrome, etc then you will obviously think twice before buying a window's phone because unfortunately all of them are still missing in Windows Os.

6. Android is highly costumizable then windows.

Another important feature that makes android the winner is that android is highly costumizable then Windows. You can modify your android as per your wish. You may root your android <p> and install various costume Roms to make it more attractive. You can even make your android look like windows phones.

Android or Windows.

Which phone do you use?

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