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Why switch any E-commerce platform to Magento and What all you need to be Prepared with?

Updated on August 8, 2016

Nice and a fairly common question!!! But do you know the answer?

I know most of us are occupied with lot of questions we definitely should be because this technology isn’t too old and quite expensive. Also, it is our fundamental right to know the facts before we move ahead with a decision.

Some basic facts about Magento:

  1. Magento is written in PHP, an open source ecommerce platform developed by Roy Rubin who created a small company with the name of Varien Inc.
  2. This is one of the leading ecommerce platforms and holds upto 29.8% market share among other 30 most popular ecommerce platforms.
  3. Magento developers never stop and they are always moving a step ahead to make it more secure as if spammers get into the system, it could be pretty bad. They might get into patch fixing and versioning which is getting more advance day by day.
  4. Recently in 2015, they launched Magento2 which has huge benefits over Magento and is more robust and secure.
  5. Magento has the features of multiple stores. Using single back-end you can manage multiple stores, without the hassle of integrating separate back-end for each store. It provides you several facilities like, via single database you can run number of stores. Single upload of the data and you can categorise that which product has to be shown on which store and even if a single product is running on all three stores, the stock will be managed accordingly.
  6. Extension: As the name itself says “a part that is added to something to enlarge it”, Magento has quite a huge range of extensions which can be deployed to make something unique and extraordinary. They are available at a price which is affordable and can be progressed as per the demands.
  7. Magento can be integrated with ERP’s and CRM’s. You can mould its back-end in such a way to make the best out of it, definitely you need a team for that, which is efficient enough to play around with such a closely and uniquely bound secure system.
  8. Magento for mobile: Magento is mobile friendly so you can set your choice of fonts and images and make it fit to any screen size of your choice.
  9. SEO Friendly: Magento is one of the most Search engine friendly ecommerce platforms. You need to keep your version to the latest upgrade and enable the SEO plugin. There are few things which require attention during the development phase but your developer will already know how to manage it. Magento has the most google friendly url’s.

Magento Benefits

Magento Benefits
Magento Benefits | Source

Now, as you know the benefits and you have made almost 100% of your mind to choose this technology, I will still say, PLEASE STOP HERE and ask the same question

WHY YOU WANT TO SWITCH YOUR CURRENT PLATFORM? Does Magento have the solution to your current problem?

If you have got your answer in the above benefits, great but if not, take an advice.

When you are in a middle of choosing the right agency, don’t expect the price to be less. Instead, always expect the solution to be right and accurate.

I know we can’t decide on technical level but after every theory there is a laymen approach. If they can make you understand like a layman, please follow the below approach.

What all do you need to share with your selected agency:

  1. The platform/technology in which your current website is developed
  2. What all features you would like to see same as the current website.
  3. Number of products on current website manages.
  4. Do we have any configurable products? Your developer must know about the product data, attributes, custom fields or data associated with products.
  5. Would you like to move your current orders and invoices as well from your current website to the new Magento development or only products will be moved?
  6. How many categories do you have in your current website?
  7. The category images would be required.
  8. The currency, languages and shipping methods which will be integrated to the website.
  9. Payment gateway: which all payment gateways will be integrated to the new site
  10. The details of taxes which are applied to the products.
  11. Reviews on products which will be added to the new website.
  12. Customer’s data, orders, billing and shipping addresses if they have to be imported to the new website.

Once these details are available, the new development can be initiated and would be fruitful as an outcome.

Happy Magento Development guys!


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