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All about vlogging

Updated on June 21, 2020
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Wild is a college student who's love to watch and learn from blogs.



Why they do vlogs?

Being a vlogger isn't only because of fame and money but also it's an art of sharing some episodes of their life to their subscribers and viewers. Vlog is the new way to explore, learn, share an unforgettable memories that makes a vlogger happy as well as to their viewers. This is also one of the platform where you can earn money.

Who do vlogs?

Anyone can do a vlog,all you have to do is think a good and unique content that can attract viewers.

Nowadays many celebrities do vlogs and even ordinary people, even a student can be a vlogger.

They start to do vlog because they realize the great use of internet today, it's also for fun and to share informations,to share what's on their thoughts and also to tell stories and let other people experience exploring other places through their travel vlogs.

If you want to enjoy and earn money at the same time YouTube invites you to join and be a YouTuber.

Explore the new world with great experiences and feel the other dimension of happiness.

They also do vlogs because vlogging is a great opportunity to be connected and to reach out millions of people around the globe.

Reasons why they do vlogs;

•Document their life

Sometimes we forgot some memories in the past and what's the use of internet or some platforms if you don't try it? Vlogging is the best example to document what's happening in your life as well as it's a good way to preserve memories.

•Earn and enjoy

Through vlogging, vloggers think some good contents to catch some viewers attention and to catch their attention a vlogger must do something different like it can make them laugh like they do some challenge, pranks or reacting to other videos.

Through this they will earn money too, it depends on the count of the viewers and subscribers. Being a vlogger is a great opportunity to explore world, gain and interact to some media influencers.

Vloggers was given a chance to have a meet and greet, concerts or what kind of offers which is very fun, that's why they can enjoy vlogging too.

Vlogging is informative

Not all vlog's content is about humorous moment but also some gives information like in cooking, learning some languages, be aware in the current world issues, making some invented things like Collinfurze does, photography, making crafts, makeup tutorials, dance tutorials, or what kind of content that can inform others.

Let a vlog widen your thoughts and through it you learn more.

Benefits of vlogging

Vlogging sounds great isn't it? But once you start vlogging you must know first the positive and negative effects of it, the positive effect if you can earn and enjoy at the same time as you create happiness and information to the audience but the negative effects are having a bashers which is natural, lack of time in rest due to editing or doing a vlog but if you have a time management you can pass this, all you have to do is keep upgrading.

•Gaining more friends

Vlogging is your opportunity to know more because through a vlog you have to interact with people and at the same time to your co-youtubers.

If you're a vlogger there's a lots of activities waiting for you like youtubers party and fanfest where in you can meet your co youtubers and perform to your fans as well.

•Vlogs brings you back in time

If you want to remember things that you want you can do it through watching previous videos,it's the best to watch previous vlogs again because it will make you feel the feelings back in that time, you can laugh again,cry and learn something about what you did before and through that you can make new vlog with improvements.

"Vlog is a piece of memory in your memory bank that anytime can be remembered."

•Vlog helps you to be more creative

You might don't know that you have a different kind of creativity but as you go along you can notice that through making videos, the way you think for a good content and in the outcome of your editing.

•Vlogging is worth it,

•Anytime you can do a vlog,think about it!

Being a vlogger you have the face your responsibilities;

•Time in vlogging

•daily or weekly update of your vlog so you can't disappoint your audience or viewers

•do some activities for your fans like giveaways and prices

•make a good content as possible

•Lastly, follow the terms and conditions of YouTube.

Some says...

It's hard to be a vlogger because to make it possible you must invest especially your time, money and good equipment to start, there's a lot of concerns but to start a vlog but if your concern is you don't have a good equipment then you can use your mobile camera for the mean time and in editing you can download for a good editing app too if you don't have a laptop or computer.

To be a vlogger there's a common starting process like life, as you go along you grow and improve.

Just don't be scared to explore and take the risk.

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© 2020 Wildine Joy Bargola


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