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Free speech recognition software - Why use it?

Updated on May 21, 2014

Using free speech recognition software is faster and more comfortable than traditional typing

There are a couple of main reasons why you should start using Free speech recognition software. They are comfort and efficiency. When people asked me why use free speech recognition software I always ask them how long it takes them to write a single page of text. I then divide that number by four and tell them about how long it would take them to write the same amount of text using free speech recognition software. This is because on average a person can talk four times faster than they can type and hence if using quality speech recognition software you will be able to produce content at that rate. Leading speech recognition brands say they have tested their software in real-world situations and have consistently found that people using well-trained free speech recognition software do in fact write four times faster than someone who is typing using the traditional method.

The other main advantage of free speech recognition is comfort. It is much more comfortable for people to talk to the computer than it is to type a long piece of text. Traditional typing leads to finger cramping, stiff muscles and general discomfort. These can be avoided by using free recognition technology because speech recognition technology doesn't involve using a your hands all the time. Using speech recognition software is also more comfortable because it doesn't take as long. Instead of having to sit at your computer for four hours, using speech recognition you may only have to sit at your computer for one. This means your far less likely to have back and posture problems in the future. The less time you have to spend sitting in front of your console the better.

No need to worry about spelling or basic grammer when using free speech recognition software

One major advantage of using free speech recognition software is that you don't have to worry about spelling or grammar. For people like me who enjoy writing but can sometimes struggle with basic spelling, speech recognition is a godsend. Because the software interprets what I'm saying and types it for me, I don't have to think about how to spell it. I no longer have to worry about spell checker because all my words are automatically written for me so there is no chance of human error.

You do have to be careful because sometimes free speech recognition will hear the wrong word and that won't be detected as a spelling error because the word is spelt correctly, it's just the wrong word.

This can make free speech recognition software especially attractive to writers for whom English is not their first language because as long as they can say what they want to write clearly the software will take care of the rest. There is no need for them to be able to spell difficult English words.

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What if I have tried free speech recognition software before and it hasn't worked

It may be that you have used free speech recognition software in the past and have found that it didn't work to an acceptable standard. You may have found that it was so inaccurate that it wasn't faster than traditional typing when you accounted for the time you had to go back correcting mistakes it had made.

The good news is, free speech recognition software has improved immensely in the last three years to the point where the technology available three years ago wouldn't even be recognized today. With the advent of smart phones and tablets, free speech recognition software has become a much more competitive industry with multiple company's now competing for market dominance. This means much more time and resources have been invested in to improving speech recognition and ultimately improving the user experience. When properly trained, free speech recognition products are now around 97% accurate and while corrections do need to made after you finished writing a document, it won't take much longer than correcting a conventionally typed document would.


Free speech recognition software is the way of the future

More and more Free speech recognition is going to become the central method for writing and controlling your pc. With conventional keyboards becoming a thing of the past, typing traditionally is becoming harder and harder because it's very difficult to type quickly on a screen, no matter how efficient you are. This means that speech recognition will become the primary way technology wants you to input text. Even now, phones are starting to use speech recognition as a way for users to navigate their phones. On the latest iPhone using Siri, you can pretty much do anything by simply using voice commands.

Your best bet is to start using free speech recognition software now so you're not forced to swap later on. It may seem scary at first but trust me you will soon see the advantages and you won't understand how you ever typed traditionally.


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