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Why we are addicted to facebook

Updated on April 8, 2012

Facebook Addiction

Facebook Addiction

Facebook is the no. 1 social network on internet. Now a days it has more member than any other social network. It has approximately 750,000,000 members. And most of them are young generation who are attracted towards it. First there was a orkut, who was really famous among young generation. After that facebook overcome it and everybody jump from orkut to the facebook. By giving a small intro about the facebook. Facebook is the social network site in which families and friends met together. We can make new friends also in it, from different cities even from different countries. Facebook member can do various stuff in it. Which includes uploading status, videos, photos e.t.c. They can do chat in it,add new friends send requests, messaging and so much more. Which attracts very much to the young generation. Nowadays mostly everybody has a facebook account. And all of them use it for some purpose. Some might use it to stay connected with friends and family and other may use it for playing games, tease someone, to promote their business, make pages. And some uses it for some inappropriate things.

Now if we go toward the point which is that a facebook is becoming more than just a social networking site. The answer is pretty much obvious and may be in front of everyone that facebook is becoming habit. And habit once arise it is very hard to get rid off from that habit. Mostly young generation are becoming addicted toward it. They find it really hard to quiet that addiction. Now they have it on their mobile, so that they can use it wherever they are. As we know that each and every habit is of two types. Habit can be good and it can be bad. And as we see about this habit mostly people would agree it as a bad habit. And the reason why everyone agree it as a bad habit is simple that we spend a lot of our prestigious time over it. That became a great hurdle in the studies. Young generation spent their time in using facebook instead of doing their study. They don't get tired of chatting even if they doing it in hours. And they really don’t concentrate on studies. Not only they use facebook they also do some inappropriate things on facebook that is really not good for them and also for the rest of the facebook.

Using facebook does not mean its a bad habit. Meeting friends and family, making new friend is not a bad stuff at all. The thing which spoil all it taste is that they use it more then it should be use. So no one stop someone to use facebook. But they also have to realize themselves that they should use it in a better way which is better for them and all the other facebook members.

Written by: A.Q


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    • benchegz profile image

      benchegz 5 years ago from KERALA, INDIA

      @ramurray3 i I LIKE UR COMMENT

    • ramurray3 profile image

      ramurray3 5 years ago from New York City

      Good topic. I don't know the reason, but I deleted my face book account. It will take over some peoples life's.