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Why we need call recording app for Android?

Updated on March 22, 2016

Android is a name, which no Smartphone enthusiast is unfamiliar of. It has been in existence for over a decade now and has become the preferred choice of a majority of Smartphone users. However, a lot of things have changed from what it was in the beginning. It started off as a very basic mobile OS but now it is dominating the market with its user-friendly features and customization options.

Didn’t you ever feel and admit that everything cannot be remembered and some means should be there to record calls automatically. Especially, if you travel a lot because of business work and need to take a lot of calls, then it must be so difficult to remember each and every detail given on the phone. Some people have memory issues due to which they forget things quickly.

So, the Smartphone users should keep an advanced call recorder on their device so that they can record calls automatically anytime and need not to worry about remembering each and every detail.

Benefits of keeping Call recorder

There are benefits of keeping phone call recording app which are listed below.

In Business- In the highly competitive world, organizations are facing many challenges today. Organizations understand that how important it is to satisfy a customer’s need in order to achieve a better competitive advantage and increased revenues. And this can be achieved only through the effective use of communication skills. So, for that purpose, automatic call recording application can be put on to use.
Also, call recording will facilitate organizations to protect their business from the blame game of carrying out unjustified things which will save company’s image from getting impacted in a negative way.

Dispute resolution- The words once spoken cannot be proven until and unless they are recorded.

This is so because; at times a person lying cannot be proven fallacious because of the absence of proof. In that case, call recording can prove helpful to punish that person who is found guilty. Thus, it can help in reducing the rate of crime.

Call recording in daily life

The fast pace of communication and technology has made everything automated to make our lives easier. The benefits of call recording are apparent in the smartphones.

It allows the user to keep track of his daily activities through call recording. The recordings cannot be damaged or altered so he can also take important notes through it.

These are the advantages you can take from a phone call recorder. And what if the call recorder application records voice too, it would be like an icing on the cake!

Follow the rules

However, the user must be aware of certain laws and guidelines that are formulated for recording the calls. Some countries, such as the UK, Canada, and Ireland require the consent of all the parties for the purpose of recording call. Further, the law framed states that call should be recorded only to reduce crime, to collect evidence or in case if there is some other reason, then it must be specified before recording the calls.

On the other hand, countries like the US, Denmark, and Finland allows the user to record the call if any of the members involved in the call agrees for recording the call for some specified purpose.

Get better product- important points to keep in mind

For purchasing call recording application, user must take care of following guidelines:

  • The application should be easy to use and record calls automatically.
  • The app should facilitate user to play the recordings anytime he want to.
  • Whether recorded clip can be converted to another format?
  • Security of call recordings should be ensured by some means, say passwords or patterns.
  • Is the call recording application appropriate to use as a training tool for the staff to enhance their performances?
  • Call recording application is in accordance with the legislation?

The benefits of keeping call recorder are summarized below:

  • Organizations can reduce the probability of errors and risk, thus, can save time and money.
  • Call recording can be used to upgrade the performance of the staff to ensure a top quality service to customers.
  • It can be used to resolve the disputes. In other words, it can be accustomed to reducing crime.
  • To take important notes in the daily life, especially when someone faces problems in remembering things.

I would recommend Advanced call recorder app by Systweak Software for recording incoming and outgoing calls automatically. It consists of a report generating facility to look for recordings of particular dates without getting jumbled up. And yes, it records voice too!

You can use other call recording app also, but ensure that you do not end up in losing the benefits you are getting.


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    • Bangladesh Page profile image

      Bangladesh Page 

      2 years ago

      Call recording apps sometime provides great usages. But one should use this types of apps from trustworthy source. Otherwise one's phone may be attacked by spyware or malware. Thanks for sharing.


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