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Why will Bit-Coin be Successful?

Updated on March 7, 2015

This is nothing which will need "Heavy Marketing"


It's not like you are trying to sell fracking to the people who must drink the local groundwater. THAT... is a harder-sell than Bit-Coin will be. Though some zombified citizenry might be convinced that fracking adds vitamins to ground water... I just don't know (sometimes)...

I am actually not entirely against fracking- but that's another topic.

Bank-of-America, JP-Morgan, Chase, Wall-Street. YOUR Wallet, YOUR Investments, YOUR House- YOUR Cars YOUR dental bills... Bit-Coin is not "Red White and Blue". It's about Children of the World. And if the ability to move money to and from the poorest populations on the globe allows the diversion of 200-Billion dollars into a 3rd-World?

All you have to do is demonstrate ABILITY to do so - and it will be no "sell". The people will FLOCK to it, as a solution to a problem.

So... how ARE things "going" in Greece right now, hm?

Bit-Coin is being DESIGNED as a solution to a problem-set.

Stop thinking like an American (for a few minutes) and "follow me" on this for a bit. Forget about your paycheck, your credit-cards, your bank-cards, and your college-loans or even your AARP... And TRY to think like a Nigerian with No Hope, (not even drinking-water), living in a country-side absolutely demolished by petroleum mining and military-police-or-criminal activity. In a country where a stack of bills will buy you a cup of coffee, or carrying a different currency will get your head blown off by the local authorities. (I know... this requires empathy). You see, Bit Coin is NOT about us Americans. (primarily- at this stage of its evolution) and as you notice American's are not (exactly) rushing out to go buy into Bit Coin. - (but China is.) - "We-The-People", are being told ALL KINDS OF THINGS about Bit-Coin. And the bottom line is this. Where-ever your money is NOW? ... Is where the people who HAVE CONTROL of your money... wish it to stay. So they will do the absolute minimum they must do, to KEEP you there. (As long as they may keep the summer house in the Hamptons, they're ...GOOD... with this business relationship you've allowed them to spawn.) "They", are quite happy.

I believe Warren Buffet is flat-out LYING about his "position" on Bit-Coin.

[Carlin] "Stupid, Nuts, or Full of $#--t"...?

Warren Buffet claims "Bit Coin is worthless" ... and that? is funny


Bit coin is already worth about 4 Billion, is liquid and easy to use as a method of exchange, and COULD save a small country TODAY.

If YOU were a savvy super-investor who would LOVE to corner a market, what kind of (dis)-information would YOU put out? LoL ... YOU would be the one saying "it's worthless", meanwhile you'd be PLANNING on how YOU would own or control this new asset. Seriously people...

Think a little bit.

Bit-Coin, is being designed (from the ground-up) to NOT be centrally controlled. And THAT is the new problem, facing the OLD PARADIGM...

Go ahead and work your A$$ off, and pay 35 to 55 percent taxes. "My money is on an island somewhere- I do not NEED to pay any taxes on my Millions." But go ahead and LISTEN to those goons- if you want. As the world itself changes... go ahead and hang on their EVERY word as gospel.

THEY are the "expert" investors... Right?

Why support my country, when I can MILK it to death? Hm? Why support the people who give their life ENERGY ... for my business, for decades... to me, when I can just close shop. Take all the profit possible, marry a newer younger wife, and leave all you losers behind?

... It's "legal", it says so RIGHT HERE, in the small print.

So I can "do what I want", I am the local KING. I Live by the "golden rule".

And besides, you are fed, sheltered and clothed, and as such you (likely) won't move your position anyway... unless you are prodded with a sharp stick. (or bombed with tear gas). After all...

"The Walking Dead" are running again! Yay! Maybe they're not running so much as, "shuffling". But-

"Life" in America must continue as it always has... correct?

(With a 'vibrant', shuffling gait, punctuated with painful moans.) As we "shuffle" off to work. "Shuffle" off to the tax-man. And "shuffle" outside to permanently park the second car... (it's not permanent... really...) as we decide to NOT pay the insurance... which we pay CONTINUALLY even though we NEVER have an accident... and we just keep LOSING a battle for a "Higher Quality of Life"...

You just go right ahead... KEEP "shuffling" along. It's okay... just turn the channel (and turn your attentions to something ELSE), as we wonder where the "audacity" of hope went. "Audacity of HOPE"? Here, let me print the deed to a bridge I can sell you (along with a couple of complementary 50-dollar bills).

I think you just flushed THAT "audacity" down the drain, along with a couple other things. Like "shovel-ready" nuthin... I've never heard more B.S. in my life. And it is continuous B.S.

We American's are TOO FAT AND HAPPY with what we have... and we won't change that ... until something happens- in Greece.

But- You may keep "shuffling" along, ... if you wish.

Bit-Coin is actually ~ useful ~ technology

"World Banks" are very... very... Selfish entities.  Or all of Africa would HAVE drinking water, right this very second.  It's just NOT a priority with them.  (Making their percentage... IS the priority).  But- Helping YOUR business, ... is not.
"World Banks" are very... very... Selfish entities. Or all of Africa would HAVE drinking water, right this very second. It's just NOT a priority with them. (Making their percentage... IS the priority). But- Helping YOUR business, ... is not.

Bit-Coin will actually be in a position to SOLVE PROBLEMS


It solves problems that in the developing 3rd-worlds are Life or Death.

(sometimes) Bit-Coin may be a solution to minor irritants, for instance ... it will make commerce EASIER. But that "Life or Death" thing? THAT will be what "sells" Bit-Coin. Because the technology is 'For Real'. Bit-Coin solves "problems" that are generational.

"Bit-Coin" solves problems that can bring 2.5 BILLION People out of poverty.

AND subsequently creates an "openly sourced" currency.

Just because it WANTS to. And because it is MADE for the purpose.

JUST in simply making it easier to remit payments globally... it may solve huge problems. All you have to do is SHOW SOMEONE how to use Bit-Coin. And the NEXT TIME They stand in line at a bank. The next time someone is told it "takes 3 to 5 business days". Or the next time they are informed "it is 4:30pm now- so we cannot process your check until tomorrow"... and YOU end up charged another 36-dollars of overdraft fee, (because YOUR check bounced) yet, the money was RIGHT THERE in a bank account which YOU did not control-!

That, all by itself is a demonstration of the type of flexibility or agility I refer to. Built within the structure of Bit-Coin. And that is a small thing of mere "convenience".

Just SHOW people how to use Bit-Coin. And if they think about things at all... they will quickly see the potential. And no, drug sales is NOT the primary use of bit-coin, any more than forged American 50-dollar bills are the "primary" function of American Currency.... (TRUTH). Criminals notoriously hide behind "cash". But-Especially the white-collared ones... "hiding" in plain site, behind American Currency... And Bit-Coin are LESS likely to be used in such a fashion since they are INTRINSICALLY... much more secure, than a printed piece of paper. Which can be copied, and passed-off to SOMEONE.

Ladies and Gentlemen... there is MORE white-collared crime (to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars) going on using American Currency, than in any other time in history. So, don't you find it a tad "suspicious" that a 'small and worthless' currency (like Bit-Coin) would be resisted or fought like a demon-from hell... just from the philosophical standpoint? So I suggest the implication of it being "primarily" a tool for "criminal activities"... highly...



Is this not hilarious? Just the funniest thing? WHERE DID all those TARP-funds go again? (Mr. Bernanke... please? tell us?)

"We want to STRENGTHEN our financial system" [Bernanke]

"we want to strengthen our financial system" ... SURE you do...

" Mr. Bernanke, isn't it TRUE that the American Tax-Payer is just being asked to subsidize executive compensations, and the maintenance of dividend-payments, and indeed, since the bail-outs, hasn't the treasury actually weakened the definition of what a 'golden-parachute' is by defining anything as "NOT" being a 'golden-parachute' by merely being three-times the normal payout for executive bonuses..."?

Let us NOT speak of "Crime"... until something of substantial magnitude is actually dealt with, that is in the face of the American public, yet is left as an act of "innocent payment for HONEST work". to the tune of billions, of sheltered monies, to our "leaders".

Leaders who treat themselves very... very ... well.

When Leaders "cheat using their positions"

Why Leaders "Eat Last"

Simply begin to LEARN how Bit-Coin is actually used, and what it's utilitarian features actually are.

Bit-coin is just beginning.

Argentinians do not "NEED" nor REQUIRE an argument in favor of Bit-Coin. They have had three generation-destroying currency events in the last thirty years. And thirty years ago, their government was throwing people out of airplanes for showing opposition.

Argentinians require no argument for WHY Money Without Government interference is a GOOD IDEA... Nor do they require an argument of why hyperinflation is a bad thing.

Argentinians already know "WHY BitCoin"... what they needed to know was ... "How" to use Bit-Coin. And ... "How FAST, can I do it"?

In the WESTERN WORLD you have to explain the "Why"... of Bit-Coin.

It is because we (American's or British) have it EASY. We have Visa Cards, Credit, and liquidity, and international banking... YOU can go exchange your dollars for Japanese Yen, TODAY if you wished... someone here would do it for you. And our government won't STOP us from doing that.

I can MOVE my money to a bank in another country if I wish. WE HAVE SERVICES Available to us. We have "options", just down the street or via internet.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 6 or 7 Billion people on this planet?'s not about "us". It is actually about THEM.

But, the side benefit is that it will be GOOD FOR US, .... also ...

It is about the real needs of the "un-banked" of the world. And REAL "financial conditions" globally. And even within the United States estimates run from 60 to 100 million "un-banked" persons existing within the continental borders of the U.S. So you really need to think about this before assuming things or before taking a "mainstream" approach.

For Argentinians these are "Life and Death" matters. It requires NO SALE, to "sell" it. Bit-Coin just "is". It is actually USEFUL.

I may cover other "details" of Bit-Coin such as "Silk Road" and "Mt-Gox" later. But in all honesty these are no detractors from Bit-Coin any more than street sales of marijuana (for cash) is right now. CRIME... will never stop. And is a different matter, entirely.


I'd like to see us, (as a population) refocus on a higher purpose, overall. And see us, as a Nation ... refocus all our energies on ACHIEVING those higher purposes. A purpose like going back to the moon. Why should we live our lives with no passion, and no "Great Purpose". Why shouldn't we strive (as a nation) to be representative of something greater than achieving the best returns on the stock of a company for carnivorous investors?


Because we CAN.

Because we SHOULD.

"We choose to go to the moon in this decade, AND to do the other things, not because they are easy... but because ... they are HARD..." [John F. Kennedy]

Just... because.

Your "Free Speech" should not be limited by your Money

and MONEY, is not equivalent to "FREE SPEECH".  Wolf-PAC is one group focusing on the re-establishment of true - Representation for The People.  Dollars ain't words, and should NOT speak louder.
and MONEY, is not equivalent to "FREE SPEECH". Wolf-PAC is one group focusing on the re-establishment of true - Representation for The People. Dollars ain't words, and should NOT speak louder.


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