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Why you should consider a Chromebook?

Updated on January 26, 2016
Google Chrome's Logo
Google Chrome's Logo

Your broken laptop needs a replacement as soon as possible, or maybe you just need a laptop that suits your internet needs while you're away from your desktop. Whatever your reasons be, you should consider buying a Chromebook for yourself.

Known to have an online-based OS, you may be torn apart whether you'll buy one or not. It may be true, limitations and other drawbacks of an online-oriented OS may arouse in your mind when making decisions. But despite those negativity, there are many other reasons on why should you consider a Chromebook. What are those? Read on.

Re-evaluate you needs

I lost my laptop of 3 years last week, because of my carelessness maybe. I rarely play large intensive games on it, so I use it mainly for browsing the internet, reading blogs, social media, playing light games and MS Office. I do other tasks like gaming on a desktop to ensure a good experience for me. lol

Anyways, before you consider settling on a chromebook, you need to review what are you doing most of the time with your current laptop, or what are you going to do with your future devices.

Are you playing with large game titles on your laptop now? Or are you using windows-only or macbook-only software? Then sorry but a chromebook isn't for you. But if you're an always-online netizen or a blogger like me, you may try Chrome OS.

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The Chrome Web Store
The Chrome Web Store

Alternative Apps

For every essential apps you need on Windows, you can find an alternative in the Chrome OS. Like for example, a great replacement for MS Office is the Google Docs. It offers the 3 essential software you need: A word processor (Google Docs), a presentation software (Google Slides) and an spreadsheet software (Google Sheets) . It can open MS Office files and edit it, so you wouldn't need to worry about compatibility.

It's true chromebooks aren't built to handle intense graphic editors such as Adobe Photoshop, but there are alternative apps you can use instead of that like the Pixlr Editor.

You can find and download other apps, extensions and even themes from the Chrome Web Store. There are some apps that are actually ported from Android. Installing different applications provide you many more things to do, and with the Chrome Web Store's wide selecion of themes allows you to customize the way Chrome looks.


Another reason why you should consider a chromebook is because it has a good performance. First, because of its lightweight operating system and the use of SSDs, a chromebook is booting up very fast. Once you start up your device,you'll be browsing the internet in seconds.

Also, since the OS is optimized for the device itself, the chromebook will remain as fast as it is from the first time you opened it. You shouldn't worry about updates, since Chrome does updates automatically, even without your knowledge. Chromebooks are designed to avoid performance degradation over time, which are quite common in Windows PCs.


One of the chromebooks' strengths was its affordability. Because of the lighter operating system, it requires less powerful hardware, and less powerful hardware means lesser cost. The chromebooks' strength here is that with much affordability and lesser power, it can still deliver an excellent performance to the consumers.

But it doesn't mean that just because it's a cheap device, it is not durable. Actually, it has a high-quality build. I dropped mine once, and I haven't seen even a little scratch.

To compete with Google's Chrome OS, the more popular Microsoft's Windows OS now offers a free copy of Windows 8.1 with Bing to different manufacturers, so that they can produce more affordable Windows PCs.

Wrap Up

Why you should consider a Chromebook when buying a laptop? As I have stated above, there are different reasons on why you should consider these devices. Online-oriented operating system is not really for everyone, but if you're an internet guy, you can live with it. Other reasons you must consider includes the wide selection of apps, games and extensions, the performance, and the affordability of Chromebooks.

But what really matters is what you want. It depends on what experience should you want to get. Not convinced by these reasons and still want Windows then go with it, but if you want to try something different without spending too much, then you should definitely try a Chromebook.

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© 2016 Mark Balunsat


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