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Wide Misconceptions about the iPhone 7

Updated on October 9, 2015

The "glass" iPhone screen

You might have already heard of this, but this also occurred with the iPhone 6, which turned out to be either a college students' project for a class or a misleading article which made the whole world create concepts of this “glass screen.” If you don't know what I'm talking about, there has been speculation of a transparent screen, which it cuts out the whole background and replaces it with what's on the other side of the phone, e.g; your hand, and instead the apps will be “floating” on the screen. This could somehow be possible if the background was replaced with a live camera on the back of the phone, but that isn't the case here. There was also a little bit of this misconception scattered around for the iPhone 5, so I have almost no hope that this feature will be available for iPhone 7 either...


The "no-frame" or side screen rumor

Now this one is pretty big, and actually has been introduced with the Samsung S6 Edge, and Edge Plus. But it doesn't seem to be as emphasized as the one that has been spreading tremendously with almost all smartphone brands, with iPhone being a huge one. As you see below, it seems to be missing side frames and instead has a whole screen on the side which include hotkeys that are touchscreen. The Samsung S6 Edge does really show we a surprisingly close to this kind of the technology, however the S6 Edge doesn't have separate screen, it just seems to be curved, however these rumors speculate that the iPhone 7 will have a whole extra screen implanted, which I personally don't think the LCD components will fit. But who knows, Apple have surprised us a couple of times, haven't they?


The holographic feature

There have been huge rumors of a holographic projector, which will project a keyboard or even in extreme circumstances (which sound unreal) but a screen projection mid-air, if you aren't to familiar with technology that won't sound crazy, but trust me; it is. Considering it literally as nothing to project on makes it impossible for our time. But the keyboard one isn't as crazy, but still pretty crazy. If you haven't noticed, there is a holographic projector that projects a keyboard for your iPad or iPhone, or just any smartphone with bluetooth capabilities- and it's pretty legit, it may not be the most reliable thing, but it still is awesome. However it's pretty large compared to an iPhone, also do mind that it projects it on a surface, so no surface, no projection, but you still shouldn't expect holographic Iron Man crazy awesome projections. Note; to make this more crazy, it has 2 projectors, yeah, not very possible at the moment.


Which one do you think these is the most possible?

Which one of these misconceptions do you think is the most possible?

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The conclusion

These were only some misconceptions of the iPhone 7, and the other iPhones, but you really shouldn't expect much of these to actually happen. But really, make sure you don't take everything seriously.


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