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Wii: the Technology Gadget That Changes Lives

Updated on August 10, 2013

When my husband and I were approaching our 25th anniversary, he said, “I know what I want to do for our anniversary.”

Not being the romantic type, my thoughts went to, “Oh no, what’s he going to say? A golf cart? A new roof for the shop? A trip to Branson?”

I just wasn’t sure where he was going with this.

He said, “I think we should get a Wii Console?”

A Wii Console? Really, video games? We don’t play video games.

Why would he want to get something that we don’t even consider entertaining or useful?

I thought he was crazy.

I could only look at him. Then he went on to explain.

Wii Fitness

Wii isn’t just for video games.Of course, you can get all the video games that the other game consoles use, but that was not the direction he was going with this suggestion.

Wii Fitness is a healthy choice.He wanted to get a Wii Fitness Board so we could exercise. There are a variety of exercises that come with the Wii Fit disc that came with the original Wii Board.It provides a variety of great cardiovascular exercises.The Wii Board also keeps track of your weight and balance.

There are different levels of each exercise that you can reach.Standing on the Wii Board and using your hand held controller, the Wii measures your progress and balance through the board and controller.Here are a few things you can do with the Wii Fitness Board:

  • Aerobics
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Running
  • Yoga (which has a personal trainer)
  • Strength Exercises for all Body Parts (also with a personal trainer)
  • Hula Hoop
  • Kung Fu movements
  • Bicycling
  • Head-butting a Soccer Ball
  • Segway Racing

I am sure I am missing some because there are so many.You can do the exercises alone or you can compete with others.The exercises are great for cardiovascular health, strength, balance, and deep breathing techniques.

Careful, I might knock you over...
Careful, I might knock you over... | Source
Bowling! I run right up to the line!
Bowling! I run right up to the line! | Source

Wii Games - Not Your Typical Video Games

Wii does have games, but not the couch potato games one thinks of when thinking of other game consoles.The Wii games get you off the couch and moving around. Oh sure, you could just flick your wrist with the hand controller, but not at my house. Outta the chair and the gauntlet is thrown down.

Games include:

  • Tennis – get out of my way, or I will run over you. The living room is my court.
  • Bowling – yes, I run up to the line and go into the bowling position. STRIKE!!
  • Golf – my husband likes this one.Sometimes I let him win…
  • Baseball – Batter up!!
  • Boxing – this one takes coordination… I’m still working on it.

I cannot stress enough that the great thing about these games is that you have to get up and move. You can’t just sit there and press buttons and stare at a screen. Also, it is so much fun to compete with one another. My husband and I have had a great time. Pull in the kids and their friends, and you have a spectator sport.

Family Fun in Action

As mentioned above, the whole family can enjoy the Wii. Good natured competition and exercising together are great for quality family time or for couples time. It makes for some great laughs and jokes too. Get the video camera out. There are a ton of things you can hold over their heads because some of the positions and forms, though beneficial, aren't always pretty. Not that I would ever do that. Just sayin’…

Wii can really create a party atmosphere: movement - even dancing - laughing, teasing... Plus, you get the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, strength conditioning, and balance. It is great for birthdays, the holidays, and any get together in general. It is also a fun habit to get into on your own. It takes the "tediousness" out of exercise, and it is definitely not boring.

Netflix and Video Games

Okay, Wii can be used for video games, such as Mario Brothers, and you or your kids can be a couch potato. Not my idea of fun, but hey, to each his own.

I do love that Wii has Wi-Fi, and you can get Netflix to watch a variety movies, TV shows, documentaries, or foreign films. After working up a sweat with the exercises and/or games, we love sitting down to watch something interesting on Netflix. For a small monthly fee, we can pick and watch a movie without going to the video store or to a Red Box.

Other Wii Functions

Fitness, movies, games all in one game console, but there is so much more that is being continually updated. Wii currently has news, weather, Amazon, and shopping for users to check in the comfort of their living room. There are so many games and services, like Hulu Plus, You Tube, and Netflix you can order. Netflix and Hulu Plus are paid subscriptions.

There is also a Photo Channel where you can download your digital photos to "create works of art" with your SD card.

So many things from one product for exercise, entertainment, news, weather, shopping, and the list goes on.

Wii - the Well-Rounded Gadget

My husband had done his research on the Wii before ever mentioning it to me. We have thoroughly enjoyed quality time together and time with our family. It is nice to grow old with someone who keeps me active. Wii has made me a believer that there are gadgets that will change your life and bring many benefits.

I no longer stereotype video games as a couch potato activity. Now, it is a health benefit plus so much more.

Do you have a Wii to help keep you active?

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