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Wind Energy - A Few Pros and Cons

Updated on July 30, 2013
Wind Turbines field
Wind Turbines field

Wind Energy Pros

Burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases, most notably carbon dioxide and methane. Some greenhouse gases are in the atmosphere naturally.

Greenhouse gases adversely affect the process of photosynthesis, leading to a rise in global average temperature, a phenomenon called global warming. Research and studies performed by the various groups of scientists have confirmed categorically that. Global warming is not only harmful to the planet itself, but also by their side effects occur: rising sea levels seas and oceans, the occurrence of catastrophic tornadoes and thunderstorms.

Getting wind energy has multiple benefits in environmental protection, the main benefit markets, and being that it does not produce greenhouse gas effect.

Wind energy is a renewable source of energy, wind energy can be used without restrictions, and wind is an inexhaustible source. In our language we have the expression "when the wind stops," meaning "never". We know that wind power is used to produce energy since ancient times.

The wind produces clean energy that does not pollute the water or air. There combustion processes, therefore no air or water releases no toxic substances. Using wind energy is a benefit for human health as the absence or significant reduction of toxic substances in water and air lead to improving the health of people.

Burning fossil fuels produces emissions of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides that have a role in the occurrence of lung diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. In addition, when sulfur and nitrogen oxides mix with water and air, in upper atmosphere, they produce sulfuric acid and nitric acid, which then fall back to earth as acid rain.

Wind turbines are usually large and tall structures; they are installed quite large distances from each other. Because of this there is usually a large area of land between wind turbines. This area can be used for other purposes: crop, pasture.

Wind energy is economical because it has low operating and maintenance costs compared to fossil fuel power. The initial cost for the installation of wind turbines is higher than fossil fuel generators, but the costs of operation and maintenance for wind farms are smaller than those for fossil fuel power plants.

Wind Energy Cons

Electricity produced by wind turbines depends on wind strength, a little wind produces less power, and a very strong wind can cause damage to the wind systems. This requires the use of batteries to store energy, generating cost increases.

Most wind farms are located away from human settlements; it generates energy transport costs to the point of distribution.

Wind turbines have a negative impact on wildlife: various species of birds, rodents and bats die every day because of the turbines.

Another drawback is that the mechanics of wind turbines produce noise, this shortcoming is about to be removed as new, better turbine models are designed and manufactured almost daily.

In some areas, the turbines produce electronic jamming systems and electromagnetic disturbances. They will also be removed in the near future.

Currently, power generation from wind present some drawbacks. But the benefits are much greater, so that the production of wind energy is a good solution for the future.


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