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Wind energy system for trailer parks

Updated on November 26, 2011

Trailer parks of the future may be equipped with their own windmills to produce electricity.

If you buy a trailer today, you install the trailer in a trailer park, hook it up to the local electrical grid, and start paying electric bills. In the future, you may be able to buy a trailer that has a windmill packaged inside it. When you bring the trailer to the trailer park, you would remove the parts of the windmill and assemble the windmill on your site.

A special truck may be used to haul your trailer to the trailer park. An example of this type of truck is shown in the illustration above. As shown in the illustration, the truck has a crane, as well as the ball hitch that is usually used to haul a trailer. The ball hitch is used for hauling the trailer, the crane is used for erecting the windmill at the trailer's site on the trailer park.

The illustration above shows the truck hauling a trailer on the road towards a trailer park. All the parts of the windmill, including the mast, the generator, and the windmill's blades are carried inside the trailer. The various parts of the windmill must be removed from the trailer and assembled, after the trailer arrives at the trailer park. The concrete base for the windmill mast is the only part of the windmill that is not carried in the trailer, it must be fabricated on the site.

The illustration above shows a trailer after it has been installed on a site in the trailer park. As shown in the illustration above, the windmill has been installed on a corner of the trailer's site. The trailer itself would have a small room in it, this room would be the 'battery room' where the trailer's batteries are stored. The 'battery room' would be about the same size of a closet, and power produced by the windmill would be stored in batteries in the trailer's 'battery room'.

Anthony Ratkov November 26,2011. Computer graphic illustrations by Anthony Ratkov.


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