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Windows 7 Internet slow

Updated on February 27, 2012

Windows 7 is always full of surprises. Yet, just like previous versions of windows it suffers sometimes from slow internet connections, browser errors, or not downloading. There are a lot of reasons that windows explorer on your machine may stop responding, let’s take a look at some solutions that may help you resolve it.

1. Virus/Malware

First thing to do is to check and see if there are any forms of malware or viruses on your machine. These are typically the number one reason why internet explorer will start acting in consistent. So, you can use your own virus//malware scan or you can use any number of free ones available on the internet. has a free virus scan that can scan your computer through the internet and remove viruses for you. Also, AVG is a reliable, free one to use.

2. Cleanup

Overtime just like with most things sometimes internet explorer is just too overloaded with older cookies, registry entries, add-ons that it causes it to slow it down. Under internet options in the control panel, you have some powerful tools built in that will allow you to clean up those settings for internet explorer. It will clean the history, passwords, form data, cookies and other things that may not allow internet explorer to run at its peak performance.

3. Upgrade.

Microsoft recently came out with internet explorer 9 that has a lot more functionality when it comes to surfing. Make sure you have the latest internet explorer browser for the best surfing experience online.

4. Add-ons

Many websites today needs to plug in third party add-ons, to be able to display web content correctly. This is acceptable on one hand because a lot of these add-ons will allow you to have a richer and more in-depth experience on the web. But, they tend to build up quickly and can significantly slow down performance. So, check your add-ons in internet explorer for any that you may not use terribly often. Then either deletes or disables them and allows IE not to have to load as many.

5. Registry

If, after checking the last four and you are still experiencing slowness with you internet browsing it may be time to tackle the registry. Overtime the registry can build up a lot of invalid links, invalid locations, or just junk. This stuff can cause your computers internet to slow down, because it constantly has to scan that information to make sure it is up to date. There is an excellent free registry cleaner out there call Ccleaner, it will do a pretty admirable job of cleaning your registry for these invalid links. There are other more in-depth registry cleaning tools on the market that cost a little more.

These are the 5 top most reasons why your internet explorer is running slowly. If, you are still experiencing it running slow after words you may want to check your internet connection and with your ISP for more information.


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  • klanguedoc profile image

    Kevin Languedoc 6 years ago from Canada

    This is a very useful Hub. You have provided a lot great information that I can apply the laptop in my household. As for me, i am on a Mac and don't suffer from these ailments, but the other members of my family. I have vote your Hub as Useful and I will give a vote up.