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Windows 8 New Features

Updated on March 2, 2012

The techno sphere of the internet is all alive with the gossip of the windows 8 full release happening soon. Microsoft is even out of the beta release and in to the consumer preview download phase which gives the opportunity for consumers to preview the latest versions. The official release is rumored to be sometime in early 2013. Microsoft has made some big promises regarding windows 8 let’s hope it can live up to expectations.

PC Gaming:

One of the biggest draw to windows 8 is the support for windows PC gaming. The Pc is a major gaming platform for millions of users. So, this aspect of windows 8 has had a lot of extra effort added to it. It will allow more robust and clear processing of graphics, sounds, and memory allocation during game play.

ARM Support:

With today’s mobile devices, it is important for a windows platform to support all the necessary hardware groups. This includes low power processors like the Intel Centrio which is fully supported by the new operating system. Microsoft has also announced it will work for a majority of portable devices as well as smart phones and tablets.

Improved File System:

Windows 8 has a new way of processing and allocating files on the computer. This is a great improvement over previous versions of windows including 7. These new algorithms are designed to improve speed, access, and indexing of all file on a computer with little interference for the rest of the OS. Similar to NTFS but more robust and able to use the new advanced, format drives for much faster access times.

Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) Service:

DFSR, is a way that a file can be replicated across several servers without having to do manually copy it from server to server. This is great for the release candidate of windows 8 server, but it also supports itself on home networking groups.

Kinect Technology:

Everyone loves the kinect, and it will be available to be used in the windows 8 environment. So, those wanting to use the integrated movement in games or applications now have that ability already integrated with the OS.

Window's Store:

Microsoft is pushing the limits of availability and money making schemes. Like adding an app store to the configuration of windows. This is a great option for people to experience the next newest products available.


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