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Windows 8 Service Pack 1

Updated on December 18, 2012
The Modern UI.
The Modern UI. | Source


Windows 8 has been out for almost two months now, and in my opinion, without a touch screen, it's pretty awkward to use. In some respects, though, I appreciate Microsoft leaving Desktop Mode in Windows 8. As much as I love iOS, Windows 7 allows me to be much more productive. I seriously doubt that we will ever see another version of Window in the future with a Desktop Mode. The Modern UI has been released--there's no going back. I now ask the question What can we see with Windows 8 Service Pack 1 that would drastically improve the user experience? I have my opinions below, but I would like to hear more in the comments.

My Opinion

In Service Pack 1, I'd like to see a combined Control Panel. It annoys me that some of the settings from Control Panel have been moved to the Settings menu. I also wish that a "desktop" internet browser would appear as a tile in the Modern UI. I really dislike having to run two browsers. At the very least, the two browsers should be able to communicate settings back and forth. The Modern UI needs to be treated more like a Start menu, not an independent operating system. I'm quite sure my four monitor desktop isn't a tablet, or an Xbox 360 for that matter. However, if I did own a Windows 8 tablet, I wouldn't mind the it using Modern UI in lieu of desktop mode. The final thing that needs to improve in Windows 8 is the App Store. This really doesn't have anything to do with SP1, but the fact is, the App Store is greatly lacking in Apps worth downloading.


The truth is, Windows 8 is by no means a "bad" operating system. It just simply isn't finished. If the operating system noticed that a computer wasn't equipped with a touchscreen, it should run in desktop mode, treating the Modern UI as simply a Xbox-like start menu. It's begging to be swiped as it is. The Control Panel needs to act like itself--without its Settings sidekick. If a computer is equipped with a touchscreen, such as an Ultrabook/Tablet convertible, then it should run Desktop mode when being used like a laptop, and Modern UI when being used as a tablet. Of course, if the user wanted to use Desktop mode when the Ultrabook was being treated as a tablet, then it should most certainly be possible. Modern UI would simply be the default. Finally, if a tablet, such as the Surface RT, ran Windows 8 (the Surface runs Windows RT), then it should default to the Modern UI without a keyboard dock connected, and Desktop Mode with the dock attached. Again, the user must be able to override if he or she desires. The statements above are my personal opinions. I'd like to hear yours in the comments, and maybe we can make our Windows 8 experiences better for all of us.

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