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Windows 8 is running slow after installation

Updated on October 21, 2013

If your Windows 8 system is running slow then you can check this tip to improve performance. It helped me to improve my system performance greatly.

Windows 8


Change Virtual Memory Size To Improve Performance

I changed my Virtual Memory size manually and it greatly improved my Laptop performance. Please follow the below steps to to set Virtual Memory size manually in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Step One

Go to System Search (Press Windows Key and S) and type “Advanced system settings”. Next click on “View advanced system settings” as shown below.


Step Two

Above step will open a window “System Properties” with Advanced tab selected similar to below screen-shot. Now click on settings to open “Performance Option” window.


Step Three

On “Performance Options” advanced tab click on change to modify Virtual Memory settings.


Step Four

On “Virtual Memory” window, uncheck option saying “Automatically manage paging file size for all drive”. For your convenience, I have highlighted the option you need to select and its order too. Now in custom size enter the values based on total RAM on system. For example, my Laptop has 4 GB of RAM so I entered “Initial size (MB)” as 4000 and “Maximum size (MB)” as 8000. Assuming 1000 MB as 1 GB.

Now click on “OK” button, it will prompt you to restart the system. Restart the system to take effect. This should will give your system good boost.


Please note : This changed increased my system boot time little bit but overall performance improved.

Know more about Virtual Memory.

Windows 8 - Virtual Memory - Pagefile Size Settings - Performance and Speed Settings

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