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Windows DOS Commands You Must Know

Updated on January 13, 2016

Useful Windows DOS Commands for a Computer User

Using Windows DOS Commands we can easily perform our basic operations. This is the fastest way of doing task in Windows. In the following article I am going to describe how to do execute these operations like create folders, rename and delete files, launch application using this windows tool.

PING – Check your internet connection

Ping command followed by the IP address of a PC or a server can tell you the status of a network connection. By this utility we can easily troubleshoot problems in a network. To use this command you have to type the following command in a command prompt. Here your IP address may be different than the following.

Ping | Source

DIR – To get the list of a directory

Without options it gives you list of all files in the current directory. If you use it with /P, It will give you page by page list view.

Dir | Source

MKDIR – Create a new folder

You can make a new folder using this command. Let’s create a directory called ahad. To do this, we will type MKDIR ahad.

mkdir | Source

To check this folder, type dir to get the list of all files.

mkdir view
mkdir view | Source

IPCONFIG – Give you windows IP configuration

If you need to know your computer IP address. Just type ipconfig from command prompt and it will give you your computer IP address with other configuration like subnet mask, default gateway, other network adapter status.

ipconfig | Source

CLS – Clear your screen

To clear all text from your screen we use this command.

CLS | Source

FIND – Search text of your file

This is the most effective search command in windows. It will not only give you file or folder name but also display line of a specific text of a file.

Find | Source

REN – Rename files or folders

To rename any files or folders we use this command. To rename any folder type ren FolderName NewName . To rename any file we have to type ren Filename.Extension NewFileName.Extension.

ren | Source

Do you think using DOS commands can save your time ?

See results

For example, to rename the folder we created before just type ren ahad blogger. It will change the folder name to blogger.

CHKDSK – Check disk for errors

To maintain your local disk and fix the errors we use this command. It will display file specification and logical structure of a disk.

chkdsk | Source

FORMAT – Format a drive

If you want to install a new operating system or if you can’t clean your flash drive using antivirus, then you can format your local drive or flash drive. Just type format drive:

format | Source

By now you must have some learning regarding DOS commands. You can practice if you want to know it better. Looking forward for your feedback.


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    • smga22 profile image

      smga22 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Thank you Swetankraj :)

    • Swetankraj profile image

      Swetank Raj 5 years ago from India

      Great and useful! They really helped me lot of times.