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An insight into Windows Phone- Windows Phone user review

Updated on April 22, 2015

Windows Phone is the mobile platform developed and maintained by Microsoft ( the name itself suggests). Windows Phone is the next popular mobile operating system after iOS and Android. In the past few years with the release of windows phone 8 and windows phone 8.1 along with long hauled Microsoft acquisition of Nokia brand windows phone has easily popularized over the globe. Windows phone has presented itself as a business smartphone usable for Laymen. The high end security features and has gained windows phone many lovers while its closed API and lack of apps has gathered criticism.

I have been a windows phone user for about a year now. I have been using a Nokia made Lumia handset. Certainly there are many things I love about my phone , but its limitations has made me realize that there are many things beyond windows phone.

iOS/ Andriod versus Windows Phone

With iOS/Android becoming the market leaders and Windows Phone losing a considerable part pf its market share, there is no wonder.

1.Background Apps

iOS/ Android have much more open API. Apps have ability to run in background. This empowers major abilities such as background download and much . Also app freedom in windows phone is limited as compared to iOS/ Android.

The inability to run background apps limits featured such as background download and update in Windows Phone. Well, the API restrictions in windows phone are owed as a security feature. Restrictions laid on apps prevent unauthorized data gathering by apps as well as restrictions on access to personal data and system files. For those with security concerns windows phone is a choice, but for a layman OS/Android is more useful choice.

2. Play Store/ iTunes Store versus Windows Phone store

Less number of apps in windows phone is attributed generally to API restrictions and loose support for developers by Microsoft. The large app gap in windows phone is a big concern for app lovers and young customers. Many popular apps are missing or have outdated versions on windows phone store. Example is the lack of a proper file manage in windows phone.

3. File Sharing

There are immense file sharing opportunities in iOS/ Android. Major apps like Zapya, Flash transfer etc are examples. File sharing via WiFi transfer allows faster sharing of large files over iOS and Android.

The lack of above mentioned apps in Windows Phone is a big shame. Although similar apps have started appearing there are at primitive stage and not user friendly.

4. Cortana versus Siri versus Google Now

Cortana is the voice assistant developed by Microsoft for windows phones. Likewise Apple has Siri for iOS and Android has Google Now. The speech recognition and speed of Cortana is way much better than Siri and Google Now. This is very much appreciable as even though latest in action Cortana is the best. The interface of Cortana is lovely. Also voice recognition of microsoft is way better than Apple and Google.

5. Navigation

Windows Phones have true offline maps (Here Maps) and offline navigation system that works even in flight (airplane) mode.

6. Security

Security is the major and most appreciable factor concerning windows phone's. The app restrictions and API limitations provide greater privacy and ensure data safety. Microsoft has put real effort in making Windows Phone a virus free Operating System. But these security measures do come with a big price- lack of popular apps and file sharing restrictions.


As a long term user and and honest reviewer my opinion is that windows phone ain't a platform for common people. It is for that highly privacy concerned businessman or politician with data concerns Windows Phone makes home.home. If you aren't concerned about apps though, you may consider Windows Phone as it has an easy to use interface than android and more lovely and logical design.


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    • Mike Welsh profile image

      Mike 2 years ago from Wales, United Kingdom

      Nice to see someone else's opinion. I have been active wp user for many years, straying off every now and then to android. I personally love the wp interface but know many who would prefer the endless choice of games android offer. Each to their own. Nice hub. WP 10 has brought some new ideas to the platform, even in its current development mode its evident that 10 will be much improved

    • Edwin Thomas profile image

      Edwin Thomas 3 years ago from Somewhere on earth

      Avoiding the apps issue, WP has an easy to use interface and more security. But the apps gap is a big problem though. Thanks for the feedback :)

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 3 years ago from San Diego California

      It sure looks like a lovely phone. Too bad they don't have more apps for it. Interesting hub.