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Windows Server 2003 Active Directory tools

Updated on December 15, 2009

windows server 2003 command-line tools

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 has got several directory command line tools. Many of these command line tools are more flexible and offer more option than the GUI tools and allow for easier task management. Most Network Administrator prefers Graphical User Interface tool (GUI) because they are more easy to use than the command line tools.

Windows 2003 server command line tools are located in the %systemroot%\System32 folder in your drive C. The beauty with these tools is that they can be installed on computers running Windows XP Service Park 1.

Below are some command-line windows server 2003 tools

  1. Dsmod.exe

With Dsmod.exe command-line, you have the capability to modify all the directory tools available. Very easy to use command-line tool

  1. Ldifde.exe

Windows server 2003 administrator uses Ldifde.exe to perform simple operations such as creating, modifying, and deleting directory objects. It also allows for complex activities including exporting Active Directory Information to other programs and extending the schema

  1. Dsget.exe

With this server 2003 tool, Dsget.exe allows administrator to display the properties of various objects in a directory and these objects includes a computer, a user, group, OU, subnet, site and quota. If you want to know the description of the computer this the tool to use, knowing computer users and managing their quotas

  1. Dsadd.exe

It enables Windows server 2003 administrator to add a user, computer, group, and OU to a Server Active Directory.

  1. Dsmove.exe

This tool allows one to move or renames an object inside Window Server 2003 directory. Both the operations can be combined as a single command to perform this operation very easily and efficiently

  1. Dsquery.exe

When you are in the Active directory and would like to find objects that match specific criteria, then Dsquery.exe performs this function. Objects which can be queried include contacts, computers, computer subnets, websites, computer groups, Servers, users, Hard disk quotas, and partitions

  1. Csvde.exe

Csvde.exe inline command allows a comma separated value to be imported or exported. These are directory object credentials that can be supported

  1. Dsrm.exe

If you want to delete objects like computer, users, subnet, groups from a directory, allows deletion of either entire objects or one by one


These are some windows server 2003 support tools that administrator can use to perform the specific operations. These tools are also easy to use as the GUI preferred tools that are mostly used by windows server admin


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