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Windows Twitter clients to manage your Twitter accounts

Updated on September 30, 2011
TweetDeck a windows Twitter client
TweetDeck a windows Twitter client

Windows Twitter clients

As you start to follow more and more people on Twitter it is very important to manage them effectively so you want miss those important updates from your Friends and business contacts. Since I'm using Windows I will look at some windows Twitter clients that I have used to manage my Twitter accounts. There are plenty more out windows Twitter clients out there so if you know of a one that offers plenty of functionality feel free to mention it in the comments section.


This is by far one of the best Twitter account management softwares out there and it continously comes up with updates to stay ahead of the competition. When I first started using TweetDeck it was a Twitter specific application where you can group your friends into different tabs. Now it has support of Facebook , My Space and offers a whole lot of other functionalities. Below are some features of TweetDeck.

  • You can add multiple accounts and if you want to send a tweet you just need to select the account and type your message and press enter
  • Friend Grouping and ability to view them in different tabs , this makes it very easy to filter out your Tweets , for example you can have one tab for FOREX related tweets , another for making money and another one for your friend etc
  • Integrated url shortening services and auto shortening of urls , you can select which service you want to use to shorten urls in the setting and TweetDeck will automatically do that for you using the specified service. I highly recommend you use as the service
  • Support for Facebook and MySpace so you can do things like checking friends status updates without logging into Facebook
  • Support for services like TwitPic and StockTwits so you can share images easily and check out the latest in the stock markets
  • Synchronize across multiple computers so a tab you added from one computer is visible from another computer , you need to create a free account to get this service

As you can see it is a very powerful tool to manage your Twitter followers , one downside is you need to have Adobe Air and a good amount of memory to run this application. Adobe Air is free , Good RAM is not :) . Download TweetDeck.

Seesmic windows Twitter client
Seesmic windows Twitter client


Another very popular windows Twitter client and which has some unique features of its own to stand out from the rest of the applications. Most of the basic features like support for multiple accounts , grouping of friends are there so lets take a look at what makes it different.

  • Support for Facebook fan pages so you can view updates and manage your pages from seesmic
  • Support for few more url shortening services and image sharing services
  • A big drawback is you don't have synchronization across all computer , this isn't a big issue if you are using only one computer , but if you are using multiple computers then this could be a problem

Seesmic also uses Adobe Air and it is also a bit heavy on the memory side , but a very effective tool to manage your Twitter followers , download Seesmic.

FriendFeed in Twhirl
FriendFeed in Twhirl


Both TweetDeck and Seesmic offer lots of functionality and are very effective when you are following lots of people. They are good for affiliate marketers , top bloggers and for people who are looking to make money blogging , make money on Twitter etc. But for simple users who have a limited number of followers they are pretty much a waste of memory and because of the amount of information they provide it can be a bit overwhelming for new users as well. That's where a robust windows Twitter client like Twhirl comes in handy. It doesn't offer all the functionality of the two mentioned above but it does offer a neat application that doesn't use up lot of your computers memory. It does offer some unique things of its own as well . like support for FriendFeed and far less memory. Download Twhirl.


There are plenty of Windows Twitter clients out there so you might want to do some research before you try out one , but for different needs of different users these three are a good choice. If you are using Twitter across multiple computers then TweetDeck is a good choice , if you are a heavy user of Facebook fan pages then seesmic might be the thing for you. If you are just following few people and not a heavy Twitter user then Twhirl is enough for you. Choose according to your need :-)

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    • dmillshub profile image


      8 years ago

      Never heard of TweetDeck until now, thanks!

    • rumbling profile imageAUTHOR

      Nishadha Silva 

      9 years ago from Sri Lanka

      You are welcome EWealth , Since I work on different computers the synchronization part is very important for me

    • EWealthGuide profile image


      9 years ago from Vancouver

      THanks for this good hub. MY favorite Twitter client is definitely TweetDeck. THanks, again

    • rumbling profile imageAUTHOR

      Nishadha Silva 

      9 years ago from Sri Lanka

      You are welcome ,It can get a bit tricky when you are following a lot of people , that is where friend grouping available in TweetDeck and Seesmic comes in handy

    • sabrebIade profile image


      9 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thank you!

      Twitter just basically overwhelms me every time I try to organize things!

    • rumbling profile imageAUTHOR

      Nishadha Silva 

      9 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Haven't heard about that one before , will check it out as well , Thanks for commenting

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Spaz is better and simple as well as its small. :)


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