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Windows XP Printer Drivers

Updated on June 21, 2010

Microsoft Windows XP

Windows XP home edition is the most widely used operating system by home users. It is a fast, stable and secure operating system and efficient to work with. The newer Windows Vista has many hardware compatibility issues and often times slower performance. Hardware for Windows XP is cheaper, easier to find and boasts much more variety. It's easy to see why it is the operating system of choice.

Manually Locating Printer Drivers

There are a wide variety of printer types, manufacturers and models. We have dot matrix, ink jets, laser jets, plotters, multimachines, etc. Some popular manufacturers are HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother and Epson, all with more models than I care to try to count. To successfully locate your drivers it is important to know which printer you have.

First, look for the manufacturer. It should be prominantly displayed somewhere on the device. Next, find the model number or serial number. Many times this will be on the back or bottom of the device. Once these two things are located you can attempt to locate the driver on the manufacturer website. Most will provide drivers in a support area of the site. It may take some time to track it down but it can be done. If you are having trouble locating the driver on the manufacturer website, they may have stopped supporting that printer or poorly placed the driver hoping you will give up and buy one of their new models advertised all over their site.

Another possibility is to try a Google search for your drivers. There are some sites out there with fake drivers intended to place a virus on your system so search at your own risk. It can be hard to tell if a site is legitamite so I do not recommend this route if you do not know what you are doing. For those of you looking for a safer and faster way there are automatic driver updates.

Update Drivers Automatically

To keep your system running at its best and maintain compatibility with new software, you need to update drivers regularly. Why waste your time hunting down each and every device driver for your system? There is a better way, Driver Detective driver update software. It will automatically identify the devices which make up your system and locate and download the most current drivers for each device. It is safe, fast and secure. In just a few clicks you are done. Give Driver Detective a try today by downloading the free scan below.

>> Free Driver Scan <<


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    • profile image

      tariq60 7 years ago

      Sorry for changing the subject, but i cant find the answer to this question anywhere. I have windows 7 and three users on my computer. When i log off and put my computer into sleep mode, and then turn my computer back on, it automatically logs in to the first account (furthest to the left). I want this to stop happening, but i don't want to enable a password on that account. Do you know of any way to do this?