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Wireless Bluetooth speakers – Benefits and Features

Updated on May 4, 2016
Are you a music lover?
Are you a music lover?

I am a music lover and personally feel that the mix of music and technology speaks a different story. I mean, today's music is far advanced compared to the olden days and have wonderful musical experience in its store for all the music freaks.

With the latest advancements in the wireless world, I could not think of purchasing anything else but the Bluetooth speakers as I can share music and files from my mobile phone wirelessly with my group of friends. Apart from this mind-blowing feature, you are sure to get high-quality listening experience with these excellent devices. These Bluetooth speakers are still in its nascent stages of development, but even then they do provide a compelling performance. These speakers are mind-blowing and boasts the story of technological development at its peak.

For me, these are the "must-have" commodity as my day starts with a melodious morning tune and ends with a soothing number.

What are these Bluetooth speakers?

Perplexed! What actually are these Bluetooth speakers? I am sure that most of you know how to use these gadgets, but in a more refined language language, it can be described as the wireless speakers that are quite compatible with your mp3 player, phone, and even laptop or PC. These speakers have the ability to stream audio signals unceasingly whenever enabled. If you do not want to go into hassles of assembling complicated wires, these speakers are a "must buy" for you. These are portable speakers, and you can take it anywhere you go, be it indoors or outdoors. Do not think that these can be for personal use or just for hands-free cell-phone calls, with much more advancement and upgradation these speakers are nowadays used for mass entertainment purposes like parties and other occasions. Isn't it cool?

Benefits of these speakers

Let's discuss in detail the use of these speakers and what are the benefits that can be derived from buying them:

  • Installation of these speakers is just not a hassle; all you need to do is sync them with your music software and these boxes are ready to roll.
  • The best benefit of the product is that the user don’t need any wires or additional setup, and you would be spared from drilling holes in your walls. Almost everyone has cell phones these days, and no one is unaware of Bluetooth features; phone accessories like earphones and headphones are perfect to work on this technology. The modern laptop versions like notebooks also utilize Bluetooth connecting the devices wirelessly, like small printers, headphones, and speakers.

Just because the product is so easy to set up and use and assay the users with so many benefits, I love it and would like to mention that the invention of the device is a significant technological development.

Here is a video on product details for consumer information

Features of Bluetooth Speakers

RF (radio frequency) and Infra-Red are the two standard technologies used in wireless speakers. Both of these have some limitations like Radio Frequency suffers from reception issues, and thus, interference can occur; on the other hand, Infra-Red needs the receiver and the device to be in-line with each other, and thus it would limit the portability.

The good news with Bluetooth speakers is that they can work without any spatial restrictions. The only requirement is that the speakers and the receiver have to be within 30 feet distance. Just a wireless connection and setting is needed for these Bluetooth speakers to work.

Why do you feel that Bluetooth speakers are the best to pick compared to others?

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Additional benefits of the product:

  1. Consume very little power; most popular models just need AA batteries.
  2. They are portable speakers and can be carried in laptop bags
  3. No cumbersome wiring or setting needed.
  4. No installation needed, just sync!
  5. Perfect for camps, picnics, and outdoor lounge parties, etc
  6. The price is not too high and depends on the brand. But surely all of them are affordable!
  7. The greatest benefit of the product is that even the kids teenagers can use the product without any hassles, and if you are a parent of toddlers who enjoy music and are ever ready to dance on the music beats, you can play the music in it anywhere you go and keep the little one busy. Don't you feel it's an additional benefit?

The effectiveness of these Bluetooth Speakers can be best found with Bluetooth Speakers Archeer Portable Outdoor Speaker with features like Bass, Flashlight, 12 Hour Playtime 10W Drivers, A226 Black & Orange in colour, sold through Amazon.


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