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Wireless Charging mat - Laptops, Phones and more!

Updated on December 11, 2011

Charge your products wirelessly

Powermat has released its wireless charger in the UK that charges your gadgets without wires. You never have to worry about tripping up on messy wires or searching for a different charger. Now all you need is one charger to charge all of your electronics and no longer have to be tied to using the originals.

The wireless charger can be used to charge your phone wirelessly, mp3 player and usb products. They charge the product wirelessly by using induction. You plug the receiver into the device you need to charge and just place it on top of the mat. When it starts charging the device, the powermat gives a little beep to acknowledge that it is charging.

Powermat Wireless Charger
Powermat Wireless Charger

Portable and Home version

You can get either the fold up portable version or the home version. The portable wireless charger allows you to have a more convenient charger on the move. Becasue of its compact design, it can be easily carried around. There is also the traditional version intended for home use. This helps keep down mess with wires and contantly looking for different types of chargers. On both versions, you can place up to 3 products on each version to charge simultaneously, it also includes an extra USB plug for charging a forth product by traditional charger.

In order to use the wireless charger you must first enable the device you want to charge. If you have a Blackberry you will have to buy the replacement back cover, while the iphone and DS have covers that you put over the existing ones. These covers are what contain the receivers for charging it wireless ly. If you have a device that uses a standard charger, you can get the powercube which has an interchangeable tip. By changing the tip accordingly, you can charge all kinds of different electronics.

Once the device is placed on the mat, a maget triggers a switch and it starts to communicate over RFID. This sends the name of the device and how much power it needs to send. The charging process is contantly monitored and adjusted accordingly, triggering a fail safe if connection is broken.

It is currently being developed to charge laptops wirelessly, working alongside OEM manufacturers to get a higher compatibility rate. The power efficiency is round about 90% and the other 10% is lost through the air. This is due to the resistance of the air, causing 10% of the energy to dessipate while travelling from the mat to the device. The Powermat is available at from Amazon and many other gadget retailers for under £100. The receivers can also be bought for £30 but I recommend buy the whole kit to keep the price down. Once you get the mat you'll wanna charge everything on it but buying the accessories separatley can become costly.


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