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Wireless Music With Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker System

Updated on November 29, 2011

I highly recommend Bose SoundLink Wireless Music System as solution for your wireless speaker problem

Wireless Speaker Solutions

I was looking for a wireless speaker system because I was tired or running speaker wires out to the pool area every spring. I just wanted to listen to my music wirelessly by the pool without having to fuss with running wires to my rock speakers, and I wanted to listen to my playlist on Rhapsody. While on my search, I have read hundreds of reviews by satisfied and unsatisfied customers, once I screwed my head back on, this is what I found.

I am a Bose lover at heart, and have been for many years. I wrote another article called "Bose... Is it worth the money" that will explain how much I prefer Bose over other sound equipment. I know Bose is pricy, but I believe the performance that their music systems provide is well worth the money, and by reading over a hundred customer reviews, I'm not alone.

I was afraid that the Bose SoundLink system would not create enough sound to fill an outside pool area, but I was wrong! The sound was incredible and had no problem covering the awful sound of the annoying pool filter. It filled the pool area with music just as good as the 4 rock speakers I had surrounding the pool without the haste of running wires.

Unpacking and hooking up the SoundLink was a snap, I was up and running in about 15 minutes. I have had no problems with the wireless cutting in and out and the battery lasts up to seven hours without a recharge. I bought the Bose SoundLink because I wanted to listen to my music wirelessly at the pool, but I soon discovered I could use this little wireless music system everywhere.

We have a boat at a slip with a little piece of property at the lake, we bring the SoundLink to the lake every weekend, so when we are BBQing and having a few cocktails, we have good quality music to listen to, It's almost like being at home in the living room. We have had many compliments on how awesome the music sounds coming from this little portable device and I have to agree.

Now we even bring it on vacation with us because unless you stay in a really expensive condo or hotel, you rarely have a nice music system to listen to plus even if you do, there is never a docking station for your wireless device. It's funny, I always use to bring wires to hook up my phone or mp3 player the music system where we were staying and always ended up forgetting something or not bring the right gear, not anymore. lol As one customer said " Bose SoundLink seemed to be the simplest, most elegant solution for my music problems" and I could have said it better myself.


Pro's for the Bose SoundLink wireless speaker system

1. Easy set-up, 30 min or less
2. Bose awesome support if you need help troubleshooting a problem
3. Attaches to all Bluetooth wireless music devices, computers and lap tops
4. Incredible superb sound quality that Bose is known for
5. Portable and light weight
6. Long lasting rechargeable Li- Ion battery, 7+ hours
8. No wires to fuss with
9. Long range for wireless 60'-70'
10. Comes with Bluetooth USB adaptor

Con's for the Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker System

1. Price, Some customer complained of price, but is seemed they didn't have buyer's remorse after hearing the sound quality and simplicity of the system
2. Some customer's experience cut outs or drop offs, other customers had no problems at all.
3. The wireless system does not augment your computers sound system , it replaces it. If you're buying it for your IPod, IPad, mp3 player or other music device, no need to worry .


My Personal opinion

The Bose SoundLink wireless music system works as described in the advertising and over delivers in sound quality and performance. This wireless speaker system has solved more of my music problems than I had anticipated, I just wanted music at the pool and now I realized I can have my music anywhere I go. It is simply the best music apparatus for today's busy lifestyles, and it fits my lifestyle perfectly.

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    • eddiecarrara profile image

      Eddie Carrara 4 years ago from New Hampshire

      Thanks Rob, I appreciate that :)

    • profile image

      Rob 4 years ago

      You can probably tell from my blog posts, I prefer the Sonos® Soundlink.

      I can get you a coupon code for a totally free Sonos® Bridge® (which is $49 retail).That's the Soundlink equivalent in Sonos brand. Saves a few bucks. If you're interested, I can email it from the Sonos site. Just let me know first name, last name and email so I can add you in the system to send coupon. I will promise to get to it within 1-2 days of hearing back. I'm Rob. Enjoy whatever sound system you end up choosing! - Rob