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Wireless to Nano-Technology

Updated on April 10, 2014

Wireless to Nano-technology

Wireless to Nano-Technology

Volume 3, Issue 10, August 23, 2013

Traditional Science and biochemical sciences have merged into a new artificial intelligence called, “Nano-Technology,” this technology is a technology that is influenced by molecular, macro-computer and atomic energies merged together to form its own unique technology. It is one of the tiniest of microscopic computers or robots on earth that can carry out instructions or behaviors prescribed by the user or authority. Nano-Technology is one form of this type of artificial intelligence. The use of robotics in medicine has been around for centuries and robotics are being merged with medical science to produce medical marvels in the world of sciences.

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Nano-Technology have emerged in different types of products that make our lives easier and more productive in the household, medical sciences, and as it appear more recently in making water filtering systems to produce clean water. Robotics have made their way as well and evolved and appear in products like the wireless vacuum ( like those made by Hoover, Eureka, or Black and Decker; or even the sweeper we call an automatic sweeper the “iRobot.”

Some of the artificial intelligence that is merged and engaged in intelligent machine designs and machines that are moving the sciences into a futuristic environment were discussed among scientific minds, producers, movie moguls, novelists, and engineers long before the first implementation of an artificially intelligent computer program, computer software, or the first robot. Some of the best and most intelligent designs that have emerged with artificial intelligence are software systems that are voice activated controls on your computer system. They are dragon programs that are wired your computer system by way of the software to perform and behave specific behaviors by the sound of your voice. These types of systems are available to the disabled who cannot engage with their hands on keyboards or on a touch screen. It is available to the general public also because some programs are voice activated to take dictation of emails or letters for the user.

Robotics are now used with the body to form artificially intelligent sensed behaviors when the user is using the technology to fill a need of a missing arm, hand, or limb. They are also being employed in surgery to perform very precise tasks delegated by the physician user to make precise incisions in a person’s body. This intelligence is rapidly evolving and it is being engaged and used to perform a wide range of tasks performed by human beings. The first robot was a virtual artificial agent that had an electro-mechanical body in 1885 by Frank Reade also called the Electric Man. However, you might of thought that it was made a lot later, but that is really not the case, it was produced millenias earlier in 400 BC by Hippocrates of Chiros who made a musical robot “A musical bird.” Surprising isn’t it. This gentleman was a mathematician who was influenced by music to build a robot.

Nano-Technology has emerged in the sciences of macro and micro computer technology, medical sciences, and in the world of solar power. The merging of the sciences in molecular, atomical, and computer sciences are astounding and they are sciences that are rapidly emerging in all fields and industry.

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What are your thoughts on Nano-Technology?

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