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WordPress 3 Cheat Sheet

Updated on December 2, 2012

The WordPress Cheat Sheet

This is really for techies who love to get their hands dirty mucking around with WordPress code.

These are the people who love tweaking WordPress template codespec or ( gasp ) WordPress core framework codespec or maybe would love to build an extension or three and give these away either free or for a modest price to us humble mortals.

With WordPress 3.0 currently out and widely adopted, ( Hey people it really is an excellent idea to upgrade to WordPress 3.0 you will not regret it, I did not. ) some of the built in WordPress methods have be deprecated, some new ones have appeared just as can be expected in any whole number based upgrade.

I thought that it would be real nice to be able to quickly access the names of the WordPress methods, grouped by their functionality, hence the cheat sheet.

Here are two .pdf files ready for you to download if you wish. Both contain identical information, but one .pdf is is largely textual in nature while the other is lot more colorful and is in high resolution ( hence is a much larger download ).  I've clearly marked each download link below.

WordPress Cheat sheet - Textual - Download File Size 42 Kilobyte approximately.

WordPress Cheat sheet - Hi-Res - Download File Size 11 Megabyte approximately.

Having the cheat sheet does give you a bit of a boost when you are elbow deep in WordPress codespec.

While the cheat sheet will not help you learn WordPress 3.0 coding, it should give you useful information at your finger tips that will empower you to write efficient code that could help improve your blogging experience as well as your Blog reader's experience.

Ivan Bayross


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