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I Will Be a Full-Time Blogger on Hubpages. A Promise to Myself.

Updated on October 19, 2019
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I attend the University of The Living. All my education comes from first-hand experience's life throws my way.

Am I Smart Enough To Be a Full Time Blogger?

Truth? I have no idea how smart the brain within these cavity walls of my skull truly is. An IQ test can never see the depths of what floats through my imaginative thinking abilities. This alone is why I will strive harder with becoming a full-time blogger.

Article After Article

They are out there. Smart people. Writing. With words that flow downwards like a smooth lava flow. Full of heat, fire, and reasons. Their purpose clearly heard. Understood by all IQ holders.

Explaining with ease on how to sit down and write does not even appear to be a job for them yet they are all confessing to making upwards (and beyond!) of $45,000 per year. Who would not want to be part of their journey of quitting their main job, staying home, and enjoying life without being under someone? Where can I sign up for this?

What Do I Have To Do To Be A Full Time Blogger?

It's easy they all say. Follow the following steps and it can be yours, all for the cost of dedication and sure determination.


1. Create A Schedule. Dedicate Yourself To It.

2. Treat Your Writings Like A Job.

3. Let No One Stand in Your Way.

4. Carry A Notepad For Idea's You Will Think of.


No Idea Where To Start

The only thing I know to do is to start here on Hubpages. Why? Because they do all the work for me. The webpage is already together. They bring traffic my way. Why would I want to venture out on my own when I have this amazing support system, right here? All I have to do is sit, write, stay within the limits of Hubpages requirements, and post article after article. No worries about keeping up with HTML.

There are other things I can do to help myself out. Like, I need to find out more about creating an email list.

Look, I am new at this. I hope somewhere in all this you will find the inspiration you need to go above and beyond what I may not already be smart at. Blogging is a serious world. It is a win or sink platform shared with many amazing writers. I do not want to get lost in the midst of that crowd. Oh no! I, instead, rather walk amongst them. By them. Learning from them. Being inspired. Finding stories.

OH! That is another thing! Finding your writing genre.

My Writing Arena

Thing is, I like all subjects. Why must one be limited to only one genre? No. It's not me.

This is what makes us bloggers amazing. We can all be the same, we can all be different, or we can be all over the place.

When I research something online and find the article that hits on the topic at hand, the likelihood of me going back into the blog by the same author to read more on the same topic, verses reading others brain waves, is not likely. Yet they are stuck with delivering one specific topic. Which is fine. But not for me.

None of us are identically the same. None of us will follow the system many think blogging is about. Surely, am I one of those? The did not take the IQ test result says probably so.

Where Do I Start Then?

Right here.

I am going to see this finally come to flourish. No more wishing. Dreaming is over. The action plan is now full steam ahead. This ship is sailing. Maybe with oars, but I vow to myself in the next month, I will be ahead of where I am now.

30 Day Challange

There are many challanges floating around. The one I care to mention, is the self dedicated one. And in 30 days, I want the following to be happening.

1. Better Learn Title Strategies

2. Have 30 High-Quality Articles Written

3. To Be Making Milk Money From My Articles

4. To have 50 Followers Who Appreciate Me, As I Will Them.

5. Figure Out The Email Strategy

6. Amazon Affiliate Program Actively Running

7. To Look Back in 30 Days and Say ... Yep! I Did Them All.

It's Up To Me, Now!!

With no other way to do this, it is now safe to say the challenge of my life dream is on. Jumping in has arrived. And taking the time to write about this, is merely for looking back purposes for myself. To be able to give me an update. Guess this goes also without saying, it is now time to buy me a calendar to mark my progress.

Will Be Back!

See you all with an update in 30 days. I hope you follow me for the updates. For now, though, a blueprint is going to be created for me to follow each day. And since I am in between jobs, this truly is the time to dedicate to this plan while I have it.

Peace to all us bloggers ... :)


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