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Silly Comments On YouTube

Updated on November 28, 2016

People really like to make silly comments on YouTube. Awhile back I was watching YouTube videos trying to get new ideas for hubs when I happened upon this video on a YouTube channel that often dabbles in somewhat controversial humor. One video they had just did not strike me as humorous, and I made the mistake saying I did not think this video was anything to laugh about. Freedom of speech allowed others to say it was the most hilarious thing they had ever seen, but freedom of speech does not allow me to disagree with them? By the way, I was not insulted by this video, I just thought it was sort of stereotypical and annoying.

What A Mature Response!

I could understand if someone found a mature way to tell me why they thought this video was funny, but the response I received was:

Guy Number 1:

"Then F Off"

Wow, this gentleman used such big words to convey his feelings towards me! The next response was so much more funny I could not even help laugh:

Guy Number 2:

You're probably ugly. :)

Both of these men assumed I was highly insulted by the video, and inferred that I must look like one of those "ugly women" they referred to as "dogs" in this video. However, when I was watching the video I thought this woman actually looked fine and the men in the video were just average looking. No one on this video had stellar Hollywood looks, which just makes it even more ironic when you think about it. My response to guy number two was probably too sensitive:


Actually I have been told I am pretty, but I know your heart is not pretty. So you put someone down just because they do not think this video is funny! Wow, you must be real handsome yourself.

However, I was just a little upset at the time because what had just started as an initial harmless comment on YouTube because an out and out verbal attack. I am sure there will be more because people love to troll YouTube and make comments like that.

However, what these men fail to realize is this video may not be insulting, but it is very stereotypical. This video pokes fun at women using dating sites and being seen as pathetic, but what about the men? Double standard!

When I look at videos topics such as Moody Blues, puppies, or other neutral topics I do not find these type of comments. However, American Idol videos and other hot topic videos often contain comments that have insults and slurs. This American Idol one of the more mild videos where people are not swearing at each other in the comments section, but they are calling people "gay" and other offensive things such as this. Sorry, but when did it become okay to use insulting terms such as these? People really need to stop inflaming conversations and using profanity in public forums. No one should feel degraded or put down on a YouTube video and yes I wish YouTube did a better job of moderating their comments. Often I have flagged abusive comments at YouTube just to see these still there a few days later, whereas non-offensive comments that go against the opinion of the video maker and the majority are hidden. In other words, if you do not think a video is funny and enough people thumb down your comment it will be hidden from view, but someone can use the F word against you and that will stay.

So I have come up with a mantra for the people that like to use profanity on YouTube:

Wow Dude! I Am All Grown Up Because I Have A YouTube Account To Insult People With!

I am very rarely offended by the content of YouTube videos, but sometimes I am offended by the uncouth language that is allowed to be used on this site. If you respond to person's comment do it in a mature manner. In the future never comment on a YouTube video where people are not open to freedom of speech. Watch but do not comment on any off color YouTube videos.

Update On YouTube's Commenting Policy

Now YouTube is trying to encourage people to link their accounts with the Google+ pages, but I have mixed feelings about this. I have seen plenty of people who use screen names that only make helpful and polite comments, but then there are some creepy and rude things posted by people who use their real names. I think YouTube should give people the choice about whether they want to switch over rather than making it mandatory.

The Best Response For Irritating Comments

The best response to irritating and immature YouTube comments is probably not to respond it all. A couple of times I even deleted a couple of jibing comments off a video, even if that meant I might get less views as a result. In the long term I do not want people having to endure garbage comments on my videos, and there are plenty of other places where people can make those.

Also, as time has gone on I realized I do not need to comment on everything. Just because I think a certain thought, it does not have to materialize as a comment. People who enjoy arguing online try to bait others with such comments, so know I no longer respond. It would take away from the things I actually enjoy doing, so what is the point?


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