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Write HubPages with iPhone-iPad-iPad2-iPhone4

Updated on August 26, 2011
Hubpages with iPhone
Hubpages with iPhone

Edit Hubs With A Smartphone

Write hubpages with an iPhone using the Safari application, with data service and with either with 3g or WiFi live connection to the internet. New iPhones and iPad2 come with the safari app already installed on them.

After launching the app and going to the website will bring up the website. Log in to the members area and access your account as if you were at a desktop or laptop.

From the "my account" screen you can choose any one of the currently published hubs and click edit. Currently only text capsules can be edited unfortunately only some of the other capsules can be edited through the iPhone, iPad2 until further software updates take place.

* Note - Writing hubs from the iPhone or iPad should be used with caution because of the small keyboard. Pushing the wrong button by accident could result in lost information. For the experienced Apple smartphone user this isn't difficult.


Viewing forum threads and starting a topic or responding to an active thread is just as easy as if you were at a computer.

Account Information

Most all of the account information is accessible and can be edited with the iPhone. Checking stats ,approving comments, editing profile or adding groups are just a few of the available options under account. Once signed up with hubpages all the features become available.Hub_Writers_Signup can be used to start writing hubs.

Hub Hopping

Hub hopping is viewing hub articles written by other hub writers. Reading other hubs and commenting on articles is also easily done with a iPhone.

Taking the time to leave a comment on a hub can also increase HubKarma ratings for your account.


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