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Yarn Spinning - Carding. See Video.

Updated on February 21, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.


This is a carding machine.Here cotton in sheet form gets converted to rope form after getting cleaned to 99% of it's impurities.
This is a carding machine.Here cotton in sheet form gets converted to rope form after getting cleaned to 99% of it's impurities.


We now go from Blow Room to Carding the two departments that are a must in conventional yarn Spinning.The Laps that are produced in Blow Room in sheet form is fed in to the machine at the feeding end which will be the back of the machine as you face the machine delivery end where you see the Cotton coming out as a web converging in to a rope form.The sheet of cotton is cleaned in the machine in two stages.The first stage is called as Licker in region,here a saw tooth cylinder revolving at a speed of 600 to 900 rpm takes out 99% of the impurities and continuously feed it to the next region called as cylinder covered with fine saw tooth called as metallic wires placed all over the cylinders width.The top portion is covered with fine wires called as flats which also helps in removing the trash and very short fibers which do not help in spinning.The short fibers are combed from the flats and are sucked away by air in to filter a box an integral part of this machine.One Inch of the sheet of cotton fed is stretched in to 100 inches of uniform weight inch to inch.The fibers are separated here from the tufts of cotton in the sheets.However they are not parallel to each other and are cross linked in all the length of the material delivered which is around 50kgs per machine per hour or more depending on quality needs.The machine has an attachment at the delivery end which is called as Auto Leveler responsible for uniform weight per yard of sliver,uniform even inch to inch.The number of carding machines in the Textile Mill depends on the number of spindles spinning the yarn to a given designated number called as 'Count".All the machines are in one section of the mill called as Carding Department.The machine speeds and settings play a key roll in quality of the sliver.The settings are in 5/1000 of an inch to 7/1000 in the areas of feed at Lap to the licker-in zone and Cylinder zone and in the upper part of Flats covering the top part of the cylinder.There are many more settings in this machines which are of only use to students of Textile Technology.This Hub is an effort to make the lay man whose requirement after his Bread is Cloth so that he can understand the machines in a Textile Mill.After this,the next department is getting spilt in to Draw Frames for spinning in to conventional spinning or directly to Spinning machines called as Open End Spinning Machines.   

Improved over the above m/c in India.

Another m/c with other improvements,yet m/c stands firm.


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