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Yarn Spinning - What is Combing.See Video.

Updated on February 7, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Cotton Combing Machine at Subadra Mill,Bangalore.


This is a machine which feeds a combing machine with Sheets of Slivers.
This is a machine which feeds a combing machine with Sheets of Slivers.
Comber Machine for cotton yarns.
Comber Machine for cotton yarns.

Cotton Combing.

This Combing of yarn starts from the First passage of Drawing which is explained in Yarn Spinning - Drawing.

As explained in Drawing Machines where slivers from carding is Drawn in to, so as to make the fibers parallel and are fed to a similar machine to get a better parallelization which goes to the next department.For combing operation the slivers are taken from the first Draw Frame to the Lap Former as shown in the first picture.Here 32 slivers are fed to form a lap 0f 20 inches wide condensed with a slight draft and weighing as per set length.The machine run smoothly so as not to disturb the fibers which under go combing at the comber machines.One such Lap former is sufficient to feed 8 comber machines.The machine is equipped with sliver break stop motion.Whenever the sliver in any of the 32 cans happens the machine stops and a Red light goes up to indicate the operative that it has stopped.The operative will than come to the machine and joins the broken end and starts the machine.A Green light indicates the working condition for the operative to see the machine as it will be located at such a position.These Laps are wound to fixed lengths and is cut at that length and the machine ejects it to a stand and starts automatically.The Laps are than taken to a stand and kept to be moved to the combing machine.The lap length and weight is constant through out unless it is set for a different specification.The operative moves the trolley near the comber machine and brings the empty trolley kept near combers,when the laps are taken from the trolley to feed the comber machine.

The Comber Machine as shown under the Lap Forming Machine is a very sensitive machine as it draws the Lap to comb.Several operations are performed one after another continuously including cleaning of the Comber segment in perfect order and it is a delight to watch this machine.It Draws the Lap to form a sheet of web,breaks it to set length,allows it to be combed by the comber segment which consists of needles like in a comb that we use to comb our hair.The Comber removes short fibers that do not help in making a fine yarn and a brush cleans the comber and the suction device takes out the short fibers,like we clean our comb on a hand towel.As soon as combing is complete the sheet of web comes oner a plate and gets condensed to form a sliver,the pre and post broken sheet of web are joined by a forward and back word moving pair of fluted rollers at the bottom and rubber covered rollers at the top which grip the sheet of fine web which looks like a bridal veil so nice to watch.8 such Comber segments form one machine and even 16 segments may form a machine known as double sided machine.

The short fibers known as comber noils are very clean and they are graded as first grade waste and may also be used for spinning very course yarns like 6's and 10's.

The slivers known as combed slivers are fed to a Drawing machine since the combing gets fibers crisscrossed at many places and needs to be made parallel before they are taken to Fly Frames for conversion to go to spinning,a pre spinning operation.From Fly Frames as explained elsewhere it goes in the form of Bobbins to Spinning like as it is explained in Cotton Yarn Spinning.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 5 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      It will take too much time.

    • profile image

      Afrez alam 5 years ago

      Would you explain me carding in detail plz?

    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 7 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      The Combs in the Combing Machine are cleaned continuously by the brushes and air suction when in production and needs no cleaning,thanks for your comments Mr.JJc,you are welcome to ask any question in textiles.

    • profile image

      jjc 8 years ago

      Dear SKRAO,

      your videoos are helpful to learn textile machines.

      Can you pl let me know more about the cleaning of the combs in comber ?