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You Just Won A Million dollars, (not....)

Updated on July 17, 2011

That Email of Fortune

If you ever had the privilege of being hacked, or had false emails sent to you that you could not identify as real or not. Then watch out for those scammers. Every week someone scams on the internet, and I get my share of those emails. I have everything from heirs with no descendants that I can fill in and get money, or you just won the lottery in all different countries. Then there is the one that some lady is dying and is giving away her money to you. They will all tell you that you are getting a million dollars and sometimes even bigger than that. Have you ever gotten any of those in your email? What do you do when you get one?

The first thing I do is to look up the scammer by content on Google. They call that smart thinking. If anyone has reported a scam, then you will see it posted and can read about that scam. It takes a few minutes of your time, but how do we stop them from doing this? First get the header on the email (full headers) then you copy and paste it back and forward it to your service provider, because they have broken the law. If you simply delete the mail or report it as scam, then someone else will fall victim to a crime. Everyone that gives out their personal information or bank accounts to get money, then note you are the victim here. Reporting them sends a message back that you are not a victim and will shut them down or get them caught. I know the world out there has tons of criminals doing false things to get your money. They can get your information and commit all kinds of crimes with it. So guard it well, and do not fall for things you know you cannot get for free. Some of them say send me $12.95 and we will immediately process your million dollar prize.

Then there are the sneaky ones, that try to send you stuff like someone tried to get into your ebay account, and you need to sign in, because we have suspended that account. What do you do? Do not sign in on their link, because it is not to ebay. When you put your mouse over the link it shows you what you might be clicking on, then you need to look down in the tray at the bottom of the window, and it will show you the link source. It is not hard to see the scam then. Report any and all of these scams. When they commit this scam to your email, then they are sending out emails to those in chance that you might have an ebay account. They really do not know, if you do or not.

Some will even say we closed your bank account, because we noticed all this activity, and you do not even have that account, but they do not know who does or not. They take a chance that they can scam someone, then somebody might just give them the opportunity. I have had those type emails as well. I am saying to you that you need to always realize scammers are at work, and they want your information, your bank accounts, and your social security information to commit big crimes of theft on you. I am sorry there is not a million dollars in your email to make you happy. All of us would love a bit of the money, but none us are getting it from scams.


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