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YouTube Gaming Channels Worth Your Subscription

Updated on May 5, 2015

If you've been on YouTube for 5 seconds, then you already know that the internet is flooded with people trying to make video game content. It's absolutely everywhere you look and a lot of it is actually pretty terrible. This list is going to be dedicated to YouTube Channels that I find are actually worth subscribing to.

What Makes a Good Gaming Channel?

  • Entertaining to Watch
  • Highly skilled or educational play
  • Recognizable personality that is easy to get attached to
  • Interacts and responds to audience (Takes requests, etc)
  • Consistent upload schedule
  • Highly edited videos
  • Most people seem to prefer gamers who use face cams as well.

There are dedicated channels for almost every major game on the market
There are dedicated channels for almost every major game on the market | Source


Totalbiscuit might actually be the first person I really started valuing for their opinions in gaming back when he was running WoW Radio (World of Warcraft) back when that game was still growing in Vanilla and Burning Crusade. Since then he's moved onto running his YouTube channel where he does general gaming reviews, first impressions, and commentary. He's not a let's player, and I heard somewhere that he even dislikes them because of their low content quality. As a video producer, he's always been focused on the quality of his production and invested himself into some fine equipment. I'm not sure how he does it, but the combination of his microphone and his voice sounds downright sexy. He's become one of the bigger channels out there so you may have heard of him already but if you haven't you should definitely go check him out right now.

The Game Theorists

If you like to over think the video games that you play then you've probably already checked out Game Theory. They're a channel that focuses on developing theories about why things are the way they are in video game. Quite a few channels have totally ripped off of the game theory idea but they remain the big dog since their content is pristine. If you're looking for some more edutainment about video games and thinking about them in a different light them Game Theory is probably THE place for you to look.


Famous for Hearthstone, he produces Hearthstone content from a more calm and analytical approach to the game. There's a lot you can learn from his thought process and he also has several tutorial series including iDraft where he quizzes the viewer on making the right Hearthstone arena drafting calls.

Husky Starcraft

One of the, if not the best Starcraft Commentator who uploads frequent castings of Starcraft II replays to YouTube. As a player, he is certainly competent, but as a caster of Starcraft II he knows how to keep himself engaging for the entire 20 or 30 minute duration of a match while doing it solo. His Bronze League Heroes series is particularly funny as bronze ranked players get matched up against each other and he tries to make sense (or nonsense?) out of their plays.


Not so much a gaming channel as it is following around a troll personality. Ever since he was playing World of Warcraft in the PvP arena, he's been online trolling people. As the self proclaimed best Paladin in the world, his character talks a lot of shit and it's hilarious how many people take him seriously on that. He is actually quite good at the games he plays though. In Hearthstone, he likes to play 4 tables at once because so many people play slow. I don't blame him one bit for that as I constantly get frustrated waiting on people to take their turn. Watch him for his showmanship. To note though - He's actually an intelligent guy - making some extra videos on how the mind works and raising millions for international charities.

Even though YouTube might not be like a professional movie studio, you might be surprised how much time goes into producing quality uploads.
Even though YouTube might not be like a professional movie studio, you might be surprised how much time goes into producing quality uploads.


A very entertaining let's player and self-caster of Nintendo games including Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon. He is easily one of the first people on the scene whenever anything awesome is happening in the Pokémon world. He also has quite a few self produced geeky rap songs which are actually quite good.

Gaijin Goomba

Some people don't like him but I on the other hand love the content he puts out. He's a man who once traveled abroad to Japan to live their and absorbed a great portion of their culture. Then he came back and started producing educational gaming videos where he links back many of today's popular series like the Legend of Zelda back to their cultural origins. They are always very insightful and if you wanted to learn more about the games that you play then he is an excellent place to start.


A lot of people say that Amaz overexagerates a lot of his reactions while he's streaming Hearthstone but I actually think he's a bit of a comical genius. For being such a dedicated legend player of the game, he definitely knows how to relax and just have fun with the game which makes him an excellent twitch streamer. Out of all the people regularly streaming Hearthstone on Twitch, I usually see him as the #1 in terms of viewers. He uploads a lot of his best play highlights to YouTube and unlike many, they are actually worth watching. He is both an excellent player and a great entertainer.

It's one thing to be the best at something no one likes to do. It's another to be the best at a life passion of many people.
It's one thing to be the best at something no one likes to do. It's another to be the best at a life passion of many people.


Although I don't personally watch too much Minecraft, it's pretty hard to dispute the Yogscast position as a leading Minecraft Let's Play group. Simon, Lewis, and their crew are consistently entertaining and not many channels can attest to having made fan made Minecraft songs that are actually good. Had to give them a shoutout since so many people love themselves some Minecraft. Teams like Yogscast are who most channels have tried to imitate.


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