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YouTube Greats Part 2- British Comedy

Updated on September 5, 2011

Time for the next exciting instalment of YouTube greats....

These are the funnies...note that all these are from the UK, just like me.

Click here for YouTube Greats Part 1

A word about Youtube channels

For those of you who are not familiar with the principle of the Youtube channel I'll explain what they are.

A channel belongs to someone who uploads videos to Youtube and is a home page location where all their videos can be found. Some people spend a lot of time personalising their channel to make it more appealing to their subscribers.

You'll see a few links to channels below.


Charlie is so cool like...

Kids stuff...

My kids absolutely love a young Guy in the UK who has become quite famous on Youtube. His name is Charlie has a series of videos and has even been involved with a BBC event called "red nose day" which uses comedy as a vehicle to raise money for charity.

The example to the right is a video make for another charity event that was raising money for UNICEF. Charlie is from the UK and for this video he is attempting to say phrases, requested by participants in a live Internet chat, in his best American accent.

As you can see the video has received over 5 million views !!!



More kids stuff...

This is another young Guy from the UK, Scotland actually, who is also amusing himself and others by producing Youtube videos.

This video, by Liam, is a very interesting advertisement for a hair product called "Gravity"....or is it....??


A UK TV favourite from the 80's

Here's an excerpt from a UK TV series called "Blackadder".

This was very popular in the 80's, and full of very dry wit.

If you look closely you'll see Hugh Laurie in his younger years before he became a "House"-hold name :-) and a very clean shaven Rubeus Hagrid....


A classic from childhood...

One of my favourite Christmas comedy shows used to be Morecambe and Wise.

This delightful duo were together for years providing very simple slapstick humor that made your sides ache. Their Christmas specials were renowned for having famous celebrities join in the fun, and they were all great sports.

Here Shirley Bassey became part of the team for a day...


Before my time...

To many Monty Python is the ultimate in classic British comedy, and lucky for us Youtube is full of short videos of the very best bits.

Strictly speaking Monty Python is from a time before I was even taking an interest in TV but has been shown so many times over the years that many people have become fans.

Here, John Cleese is demonstrating the typical British "stiff upper lip" Sir Black Knight style...


Time to search out your own favourite list...?

This is just a handful of the many millions of clips available on YouTube.

Have a look for yourself and bring back some of the old memories.

Maybe share your favourites with your kids or grand-kids and have them share theirs with you. You might be surprised that they are actually looking at some very cool stuff on those dinky ipods of theirs.

If you're very adventurous why not try making a channel of your own?


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    • catsimmons profile image

      Catherine Simmons 6 years ago from Mission BC Canada

      Yes Flora Jeeves and Wooster I'd almost forgotten that..and he's such a good pianist too!

      Thanks Maralexa.. it's nearly 3 weeks now, but I guess I'm a little obsessed :-)

    • Maralexa profile image

      Marilyn Alexander 6 years ago from Vancouver, Canada and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

      What a super hub! I was taken by your profile and must say I do like your writing. How is it possible for you to have written so many really good hubs in just 2 weeks! You are amazing.

      I have family in Mission who I don't see often enough. Don't know why I haven't noticed you on HubPages sooner.

      Up and interesting, etc.

    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      Hugh Laurie was also famous for playing Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster. I enjoy Monty Python too. Regarding things before your time, I love movies, tv, and music decades before my time-of birth.

    • asmaiftikhar profile image

      asmaiftikhar 6 years ago from Pakistan

      a very very informative hub .keep it up