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YouTube Review: MrCreepyPasta's Storytime

Updated on January 17, 2015


I enjoy horror stories. I would probably say that horror is my favorite genre of literature, with SciFi coming in a close second, and of course, horror science fiction as my absolute favorite. The internet, in it's ultimate wisdom as an ever evolving platform for expression has a near infinite pool of human resources to pull from. Thousands upon thousands of writers from all over the world are now accessible to each other, and to an audience. As a result they've started their own urban legends; even in some cases their own genres.

Creepypasta is one such genre. It gets it's name from it's origin; short horror stories that were copied and pasted (creepy pasted stories; creepypasted; creepypasta) from one email to the next, and eventually from one forum to the next as they made their way across the internet. Some purport to be true but most fully embrace their intended fictional audience, and receive wider support and acclaim, because it's always too easy to see through those supposed “true” events.


MrCreepyPasta by JustSomeComputerNerd
MrCreepyPasta by JustSomeComputerNerd | Source


Eventually these stories were collected on, an open source site that accepted submissions from across the globe. Because of the wide scope of this endevor, the casual reader like myself can become overwhelmed at the sheer volume of the stories; and if you keep in mind that not all the stories are going to be the same quality, that makes it even more intimidating. You want to read high-quality, chilling tales, not the type that would come to be affectionately known as “crappypastas”; the written equivalency of the B-movie that may be SO bad it somehow loops around to become good again, by the sheer superior quality of it's very badness.

Enter the creepypasta narrators. These lovely actors sift through the stories to pick out the gems, and then provide dramatic readings, for free, on youtube. The first that I ever heard goes by the name MrCreepyPasta. He had few videos when I first started listening, but has since had so much success that he was able to make the recordings his full time job, and as such the quality of the videos are highly improved; professional, with sound effects and professional music accompanying his readings.


He does single shot stories and, sometimes, longer playlists for extended works or podcasts with other narrators, like the recent benefit 24-hour stream intended to benefit the victims of a crazed attack. The attacker believed that they were some sort of vessel for an internet meme and creepypasta character Slenderman, a strange twist that proves the importance of keeping reality separated from fiction in the minds of children. Both the attackers were under the age of 13. Narrators U-Night-Ed raised over $8000 in that 24-hour period.

I'll always have a softspot for MrCreepyPasta because he was the first CreepyPasta narrator I ever listened to, and though I've gotten a few favorites since this discovery, he remains one of the things that I'm always open to playing in the background while I draw or knit or just sit in darkness and let my mind try to put a picture to the words. The type of storytelling that reminds me a little of the audiobook version of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark; that nearly transports a person back to a childlike state.

Narrators U-Night-Ed


5 stars for MrCreepyPasta's Storytime

© 2015 blargablarga


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