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ZPen Digital Pen with Wireless 1GB Flash Receiver

Updated on January 31, 2010

1GB USB Wireless Receiver with the ZPen

The Dane Electric ZPen is a digital writing pen that works on any paper. It is wireless so it can be used in any location. It is a compact alternative to toting a laptop to class or to a business meeting. Whether writing words or drawing sketches this digital pen can transfer your work to your computer via USB where it can then be edited, saved, emailed or turned into text.

Why a Digital Pen instead of a Laptop?

Actually that is not the point. The laptop is a very important to the success of students, business people, writers and to anyone that wants to communicate or organize their digital life.

By using a digital pen with a laptop you get the best of both worlds.

Many college students carry their laptops to class. That is probably not the best of solutions for note taking but it is understandable. Who has the time to re-write notes from a notebook to a computer? Often students will share notes with each other so having them in digital form is a must. Also digitizing notes make them searchable by keyword.

Business meetings are also populated with laptops. Unfortunately some managers prefer that they not be used. How do they know that employees are taking notes or if they are surfing the web? A digital pen such as the ZPen is not distracting and will give you the same or even better results than a laptop.

Creativity is abundant with the ZPen. Drawing, writing and doodling are all allowed and all is transferrable to the computer.

Is there a Learning Curve with the Zpen?

There is little to remember and little to do when using the ZPen. The Receiver is simply clipped onto the top of the paper or tablet (any kind). Once the receiver is turned on the zPen also comes to life. When the receiver is turned off – the ZPen follows suit. The rechargeable battery will last all day so you can write as many pages as you like. There is no need to transfer files everyday because there is plenty of storage. The receiver contains 1GB of onboard flash storage.

There is no extra software – the receiver automatically loads the needed software when it is plugged into a computer USB port. The transfer of your handwritten files to the computer is automatic.

Pushing one button turns your handwritten file to an Adobe document that can be saved or sent to anyone over email.


When given the choice of toting a laptop to meetings and to class a digital pen may b a better option for most people. There is little distraction and the ease of use is terrific.

Since the ZPen is designed just like a USB flash drive there is abundant storage for needed files – not just the handwritten notes. For those on the go this could be a life saver.

The ZPen works on Windows 2000, Mac OS and Linux. However, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software only works with Windows.


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