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Zlive Speaker System and Dock for the Zune

Updated on March 15, 2011


Owning an iPod has its advantages. An entire industry sprung up overnight providing nearly every imaginable accessory for the iPods so they could be used at home, in the car or in a park. Speakers make it possible to hear music and watch videos without headphones.

There are other MP3 players out there – for example – the Zune. The Zune is an MP3 player, an FM Radio and a video player


The Zlive Speaker System is a combination of external speakers and a docking station all-in-one. Any Zune model will fit and will be charged whenever connected. The Zlive Speaker System will also allow you to use other gadgets including MP3 players and even cell phones via the 3.5mm audio jack. You can watch your videos on television via the RCA video output.

A remote control adds to your pleasure and convenience by letting you control your sound the way you want it while lounging in your recliner. Unfortunately the Zlive was designed prior to the release of the Zune HD so the radio and remote control features on the Zune HD will not work while docked.

As I have written about other gadgets - as they age there are new ways to use them - even as they get replaced. The Zlive Speaker System can make an earlier version of the Zune  a stationary music player while your upgraded version goes mobile.


There is a digital clock designed into the top edge of the Zlive Speaker System. The black numbers of the clock shows up well since the black bezel edge is interrupted for the digital display in the middle. The Zlive’s simple design allows it to fit into most any décor. The speakers cover the majority of the front for the Zlive. They are surrounded by a black bezel. The Zune player docks directly in the middle – below the clock.

Two AAA batteries keep the clock charged (not included) and a button battery for the remote control (is included).


The Zlive saves so much room. A boom box or stereo system can fill an entire shelf where the Zlive requires much less space. When you are ready to leave the house just grab your Zune and go. All of your music and your videos are in one neat little package. Since your Zune will be charged as it is docked that is one worry you won’t have as you start your day.



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